Friday, August 29, 2014

Flash Freebies!

Hey! Real quick because I'm off to my last day of workshop week before school starts!

It's been a busy week of meetings, PDs, Open House, and team planning time. And during it (and the whole month of August) I reached a mini-personal TpT milestone that I am so grateful for. To thank all those who helped in that, I'm putting my 4 latests products as FLASH FREEBIES for TODAY ONLY! I only ask that you leave some feedback. :) I hope you are either well on your way into your new year or are ready to start back (after one last holiday weekend of course).

Cheers to all of you!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Keeping Me Together: Monday Made It: Teacher Planner

Don't get me wrong... those beautiful planners everyone buys from Erin Condren and what-not are fab... not that I've ever seen one in person, but you all do a fabulous job showing them on on your blogs and Instagrams that I feel like I've owned one before. I honestly just can't justify spending that kind of money (at least, not yet- I may change my tune some day). Lucky for me, my awesome teammate showed me how to create my own planner so that it is completely for me and all my weird quirks and needs. So I'm sharing how I put together my planner and spend less than $15.00 to do so with Tara for...

First, I made all my pages on PowerPoint, including the cover below and I took a trip to Fed Ex Office. There, I bought 5 tab dividers and got it spiral bound complete with frosted covers for extra protection. The tabs were $6.00 and to bind my entire planner (over 70 pages) was less than $7.00. I printed about 98% of the pages at school so that was free of cost to me (it is school related anyway) and I organized all the pages in the order I wanted.

I got the tabs that you could type and print on. They give you like a ton of labels... incase you make a lot of boo-boos I guess haha. Just like with any Avery template, you can download it at their website so it all lines up perfectly.

Then, you just peel and stick them onto the correct tabs. 

Now we'll take a little tour through what I've included. I literally bring this thing with me everywhere! This is my cover for this year made using graphics and paper from I Teach, What's your Superpower's store!

I then add lots of calendars- a generic calendar shown below (if this is your work, please let me know so I can direct people your way), my school calendar, our district calendar... you get the idea. Lots of calendars all in one spot.

I also created this page for any other dates that come up (IEP meetings, committee meetings, etc.) that I can record.

 On the back of that page, I have the "next year" page. Every year, my team thinks of something and says, "We need to remember that for next year." Well... we always forget. I'm hoping that since I bring this thing everywhere, I'll just record these ideas down and have it for next year!

 Then we get to the next section, my lesson planning portion. I plan a little differently than I guess others perhaps. So I'm trying out this layout. On the left it has my week at a glance where I can just write a teaching point or what not. On the right I can then take notes on copies I need to make,  other resources I have to get ready, etc. for each of my content areas. I also then have a space to write if I have a duty for that week, to-do lists, and places to write ideas to add to our classroom newsletters or important reminders.

One section that isn't shown is my resource section. That is because it's loaded with district information- our pacing charts, for example. I didn't feel like sharing that info would really be beneficial for you all to see.

Next section is my meeting notes. I simply just write the focus of the meeting and the date. I've got enough spaces for 80+ meetings for the year... let's see if that'll be enough. :)

Last section is my student info section. I mainly just have a few class checklists that I can use to record any data that I might need for particular meetings. 

 I then I put another piece of card stock and another frosted cover so that it withstands the whole year.

So that is my completely customized planner ready for the new year on the cheap... I'm now ready for the rest of workshop week... 1 week until I get to start my new year with my new 3rd graders!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Winner Announced and SALE!

I'm still wide awake for some reason, but it's fitting because my giveaway just ended and I wanted to let those of you who entered know! The winner of my latest giveaway is:

Congrats Lisa B! You've won 4 of my favorite back to school items PLUS 2 items of your choice from my store! I'll be emailing you early in the morning to hear what your additional 2 choices are!

IF you didn't win this time around, good news! The TpT One-Day BOOST Sale is going on NOW! My whole store is 20% and if you use the promo code BOOST at checkout you'll get an even bigger discount.

I just added a new resource that I can't wait to use this school year! Check it out- it's also on sale!

I'm off to enjoy my last 5 days of summer before it's back to the chaos (a good kind of chaos, of course) of the school year!