First Interview Experience- Check!

I had my first interivew today and no matter what comes for it- it was a good experience! I left feeling pretty good; I am sure I could have done better, but it could have been a lot worse too. Since it was my first interview experience, I found it very helpful for the ones still to come. I'll find out next week if I get put into the candidate pool or not. If I make it into the candidate pool, I am more likely to be selected for interviews for specific positions. If I don't make it- I will be able to understand better what I need to work on for next time. However, until I find out, it's hard for me to evaluate that. I am keeping my fingers crossed and tossing up a few extra prayers for good luck but I am beginning to also to just accept what happens and remember that everything happens for a reason.

These last few days (and for the next 2 weeks) I'll be helping my mom out at her daycare center. I am in a completely different element- being in the toddler and 3/4 year old room. They sure are giving me a run for my money and keeping me busy in a completely different way than my 4th graders. However, I am trying to think positive about it and am thinking it is good experience for when I have a little niece or nephew some day:)

Until next time!


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