Baby Steps

It's been over 2 weeks since my interview and I finally heard back. I'm in the hiring pool for the 4th largest district in the state which increases my odds of having 2nd interviews for positions! Every week there has been new postings so I hope to possibly get in still before the summer lull but I am hoping that even if I miss the boat in this group of hirings that come August when the hiring picks up again, I will be more likely to get in. This little bit of good news was just what I needed. It's been an emotional past 2 weeks. I've had great support though and need to remember all the great things I have and not focus on the things I don't. My opportunity will come and I am confident in my ability to do well in the classroom as soon as someone gives me the chance.

On another note, I had my first training for my summer job this year. I had to learn to belay for rock climbing! In order to practice how to belay we had to take turns actually climbing also. It has hard and I wasn't very good at it, but it was kind of fun too! It's something that maybe I'll try again sometime! It helped that there were only 2 other girls in the training with me so I didn't have to feel as embarrassed, plus they were both very nice and helpful. It was a good first experience with this new job and I am excited to get back to working with school aged kids again. (The toddlers pooped me out... I give those teachers credit for doing that all day everyday! I could handle 1or 2- but 9??)

Next week may be my last chance in getting a job before the summer lull. Here's to hoping!


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