Hello, My Name is... Only First Year in the Room

Today was my first training as a teacher. It was day one of three for a balanced literacy training. I knew that it would be a mixture of people with a variety of experience but I anticipated on not being the only first year teacher. However, although we did not get to formally introduce ourselves to everyone, I got the vibe that I was the only one who is brand new to this 'teaching career.' That adds a bit to the intimidation level when everyone who keeps walking in knows someone else in the room and knows what's going on. I tried though to be friendly and participate so I think it went alright for my first time. It sort of helped that some people knew who my sister was and seemed to warm up to me a bit faster because of that.

I have to say though that although the U's program was awfully frustrating, it sure is paying off. I knew a lot of the stuff they talked about today and have already used some of the interactive read aloud strategies in my student teaching placement. Of course I also learned some new things and got assigned to do some reading which had some really great ideas I am looking forward to using. It made me feel better also knowing that even though some of the people in the room have 10-20 years of experience, some of them had positions where they weren't teaching literacy, so a lot of them were at different levels of understanding so I felt like I wasn't completely out of the loop.

I also emailed the outgoing principal to see if I could get into my room either tomorrow or Thursday just to take a peek. I hope to hear back soon as I am getting really anxious to see what I have to work with. I'm also planning on taking the Math Expressions Manuals to start looking through.

For my new knowledge and new experience:

"It's essential to keep an open mind, and to be willing-- better yet, eager-- to try new things." - Michael Abrash

Update!! I found out I wasn't the only first year teacher! There was at least one other who is also teaching 3rd grade at another school and a couple others who have only been teaching a year (or even less)  I loved catching up with a few others who were new or close-to-new! Yay!!!


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