The Newest 3rd Grade Teacher on the Block

Who would have thought that I'd get to write this blog entry before I even started my summer job. I had my second interview on Wednesday and I walked out of it not feeling as confident as I did in the first one. Less than 48 hours later, I was offered the position and get the honor to teach 3rd graders in an awesome school next year!! I feel so many happy emotions and feel so blessed to have had this work out so well. Now I get to spend the summer slowly figuring out about my school and district, my team members, the curriculum, and plan out how I want to run my classroom. It's kind of bizarre going from sharing a room with my amazing cooperating teacher for a year to actually having my own room to figure out. I accept the challenge with open arms and am thrilled to begin.

Naturally I got on Pinterest right away to start finding 3rd grade blogs to follow for some great ideas. In a couple of months, this blog will be filled with my real life experiences of being a first year teacher! Stay tuned!


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