One step closer....

This weekend was full of ups and downs. First, the ups: I got a phone call on Saturday (yes, a Saturday- I didn't know principals made calls on the weekend) from a principal for an interview on Monday for a 5th grade position. I was elated, knowing that my hard work was finally producing some possibilities. In addition to that one, I got a phone call on Sunday (again, who would of thought??) that I have an interview on Wednesday for a 1st and a 3rd grade position in another district. They said they called on Friday and left a message, but my phone never showed that. Makes me nervous if I missed any others... Oh well. So with all that excitement came some downs: I got sick. My mild cold came back at 60 mph and gave me a fever and sore throat Saturday evening. I normally would let it runs it course, but just to be safe I went into urgent care the following day to rule out any other possible problems. Sure enough, it was just a nasty cold. Preparing for my interview was at a bit of stand still Saturday evening and all day Sunday. Luckily I got to my sister's place on Saturday morning and got a couple of hours of practice and advice from her. Again, what a godsend she is to me in this adventure. I woke up this morning, feeling much better (still a little uncomfortable, but much more tolerable) and the nerves took over for my first ACTUAL interview (as the one I had earlier in the month was a screening interview just to get into a hiring pool- which was successful and led to my Wednesday interview)

For my first interview, I feel proud of myself. I caught myself saying some habit words but that will just come with more practice. I am just so grateful for my first opportunity. All in all, this was a great opportunity that I am thankful for. I am hoping something comes from it, but if not, it wasn't meant to be. Even with my sickness, I didn't freak out- I kept thinking that everything happens for a reason and surprisingly, the last couple of days with that mindset has been very helpful for my psyche. I'm looking forward to the interview on Wednesday, as it is with my sister's district. How neat would that be to be in the same district as her?!

Tonight I have my first staff training (besides the belay training). More new stuff coming and I am looking forward to a new summer job and new co-workers and experiences!


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