Classroom Makeover Begins!

It's my week off from work and I am spending it in my classroom. Unfortunately, this first week of July is packing a heat punch! Heat indexes are in the 100s today and my building is only partially air conditioned. Of course, my classroom is in the old part of the building and is not air conditioned, so I made sure to get there early so that I didn't have to battle the heat in the afternoon. My mom, sister, and aunt came to help me out. They were cleaning cupboards, putting up bulletin board fabric- the works! But first, here is a view of my room before we did ANYTHING to it:
Here it is! Right when you walk into the door. 

Here is the corner of the room facing towards the back. I share an accordion wall with another 3rd grade teacher. It's not the greatest color, but its great to be able to open it up and chat with my colleague :)

Here's the teacher desk area. The desk is HUGE!! Much bigger than what I want. However, we've already moved it up against the wall and it's opened it up a lot. I'm planning on replacing the curtains and panels and have already taken down the old butcher paper on the bulletin board.

Here's the view from behind my desk. Look at all that glorious storage room!

Lastly, the view from my 'soon-to-be' reading nook area. I've got a Smartboard that I'll need to learn how to use... How exciting!!
Well, there's the 'before' tour. Check back later this week for some updates; the room will be completely done by late August!


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