Classroom Makeover Continues: Classroom Library

I returned to my little sweltering classroom today alone, ready to tackle my classroom library. It all started off great, as I started with the chapter books. After buying a bunch over the weekend, I thought I had a lot to work with. But after putting them in their proper bins, I realized that I still need more. However, I feel like I am off to a great start!
Outside Cover

I decided to put labels on all of my books for a couple of different reasons:

1. The vast majority of these books are mine, and I would like to make sure that I try to keep as many of them as possible.

2. I'm hoping that it will help keep the library organized. Students can read the label and then find the bin that it should go in.

All of the labels are put in the lower right of the books and have the following information:
-If it is a chapter book or picture book (Some even have if it is fiction or non fiction for picture books)
-What genre it goes under
-The statement "Property of: Ms. Lynch"(It's going to be a pain once I get married and have to switch all of these labels again!)
Inside Cover

Book Bin Label Example
In addition to each book getting a label (each book is also leveled using F & P letters and is written on the back of the book) I labeled the boxes that they would be placed in. I used examples of books that they would find in the bins for pictures and each one includes a level range. Because my library is so small, I clumped more than one letter per box. I also tried to do at least 2 boxes for realistic fiction and humorous fiction. By doing this, it allowed me to see what types of books my library is lacking so that I can be on the lookout the next couple of months!
The current state of my library
Once I finished with the chapter books, I moved onto the picture books. I soon realized though that I didn't have enough of the big bins. Since I need to get more, I didn't want to start labeling everything. I sorted the books and for now they are just in whichever bins I had available. Hopefully by Friday I will have all the bins needed, labels on, and can call my library complete. That is, until I get more books :)

Here's a close up of the other shelf. See all those amazing non-fiction books on the top? I got those from my aunt who came to help me out on Monday. I spent a good portion of my time just looking through these today. My kids will LOVE these!

My $5 steal!
To help section off my reading area, I put my $5 garage sale shelf, which will house some student reference books, joke books, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books (kids love these, I myself, am scared to read them) as well as some sweet alphabet non-fiction type books!
My sweet lamp that I am in LOVE with
because it matches my colors perfectly!

I hope to finish the library all up on Friday, including finding some more bath mats but in yellow, getting a few more bins so that I can finish labeling, and hopefully get the bulletin boards covered once I get more fabric. Tune in later!


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