First Target Run as a Teacher

The dangerous dollar section at Target has been filled with teaching goodies galore. I couldn't help myself. It sucked me and I just kept putting things in my basket. I did make the conscious choice and picked the basket over the cart- that could have gotten ugly. I got lots of exciting goodies all (but one) from the dollar section! Take a gander!

The first (and probably my favorite) is the only item not from the dollar section: that giant speech bubble. It is actually a light and a whiteboard. I already had an idea. I'm going to use it for small group meeting times as a way for students to recognize that I can't be disrupted. I'm excited that it lights up and uses batteries so that I can just put it on the table or hang it on the wall. I hope that the whiteboard and light feature will draw attention to students who are trying to creep into small group time.

Ok- now onto the real dollar section items. If you haven't noticed yet, my colors that I am using mostly in my room are teal and yellow. I found some pails that matched it PERFECTLY so I'll find some use for those. I also got two silver tin pails that come with a chalkboard label section (so I naturally had to buy some $1 chalk too). I also got two pocket charts, name tags (for subs and field trips), pencils, bookmarks (for either the library area or for back to school night) a sandwich box (for my lunch of course), some post-it note flags (which you can't really see in this post) and two balls to be used for morning meeting activities and greetings. Sorry for all the (......)

I've got ideas for all of these things, now its just a matter of testing them out and playing around with them. However, I'll need to go to Target with a buddy from now on to keep me away from it all!


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