The Great Book Buy!

Yesterday was a fun, but exhausting day!! After visiting my classroom, I realized I would need to come up with most of my own books for my classroom library. I have a small collection which I started over the last couple of years, but I probably doubled it (maybe even tripled it) after a fun shopping day! I started my day early (left the cities at 7- began shopping at 8:15), visiting a garage sale right by my house with my mom. These were the cheapest buys of the day, in the best condition, as well as some popular titles (Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon?!? I love that book!). I also got a cute little book shelf for $5 that I'll use somewhere in my room for something.. score! Then, my sister arrived in town and we were off to the local Salvation Army. I have to say, I was a bit hesitant when my mom suggested we go around to a couple places in our little town. I just didn't anticipate to really find a whole lot. I was wrong though! Sal Val had gave us a good start and was pretty cheap (.25-.50 per book). We then went to another thrift store. Again, I didn't think they would have anything. They had some decent books on the shelf and when we went to check out, the woman said that she had boxes still of children's book that can't fit on the shelves and let us go through them! My sister was a maniac- sorting through a couple boxes, but she found me some good titles. Not to mention, books were only .39 there! We stopped at one more place in my home town, which was kind of a bust, before heading down to Rochester's Savers. Savers was the most expensive, but still- only. 69 per book. But, buy 4 books, get one free meant that I got about 10+ free books!

We stopped at a Walmart to get some bins and check out the sheet selection for bulletin boards. I found a teal I liked, as well as some yellow fabric (no one sells bright yellow sheets, but apparently orange is worth stocking.. weird). Lastly, we stopped at ABC Toy Zone and I found myself some borders, name plates, and a cursive alphabet. Hopefully, all the decor works well in the classroom!!

Here's all the books I got before we started to level them!
By this point, I was ready for a nap. We headed home, dumped all the books out on the floor, and began leveling them. Finally, by 5:30 pm, all the leveling was done, the books were boxed up for traveling back to the cities, and I was done for the day! It was so much fun, but I am exhausted.

My shopping partners and I :)
I'm spending my Sunday with making lists of what I wish to accomplish on Monday when I finally get to start putting my room together! I'm also making labels for my books (genre and 'property of...") as well as labels for my book bins. This is going to be a fun week! Check back often to catch a glimpse of my room and the progress of it!


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