Last Peek before August

I got into my room this morning for the last bit of 'for sure' time before teacher workshops in August. I am hoping to move to part time at my job so that I have time to get back in there as well as meet up with my team to start planning (not to mention, my boyfriend and I are trying to move during August also, to avoid the mess of a September 1st move in). Anyway, I am kind of at a stand still after today anyways. I don't want to put anything up on my bulletin boards yet, for fear of them falling down or if I get a better idea within the next month or so. I also haven't gotten anything really for my desk yet, so I couldn't organize that. I feel like when I meet with my team, a few of my questions will be answered in regards to other classroom management things, but I don't really want to proceed with some of those ideas until I hear their feedback on what they have done in the past and what my school does in general for some of those things. But for now, I thought I would share one last picture of my nearly complete classroom library. It will change still as I get more books, but this is pretty much it.

I've added a few more mats, which I am not sure if I like the layout currently, but it works for now. All the boxes are labeled as well as all the books. I put up fabric on the last two bulletin boards and hung up my the curtain panels my mom made for me! (You can kind of see them on the picture on the left. I'll add more pictures once I get curtains for the windows up as well.) I also found out that I can hang stuff from the ceiling if I wish (as long as it doesn't go on the water pipes) so that allows me a few more ideas to consider.

Sorry this is more of the same really. The next month or so, I will be working on little projects at home that I can complete in the comfort of my air conditioned apartment. I am hopeful for the opportunity to get back in the classroom before my RC training and Orientation in mid August. Also, I will be diving into the curriculum more and hopefully figure out what I need to plan for the first month or so of school. Thanks for checkin in!

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