Slowly tackling the to-do list

I've got a to-do list the length of the Mississippi River. I am doing much more adding to it than crossing items off. Partly this is due to not being able to get into my room for a little while longer. Also, we are moving in a week and a half and I don't want all my projects to get wrecked or lost during the move. However, August will be here before I know it and then it's really crunch time! My principal informed me of another training for me to attend, which means my available days to work at my summer job keep getting fewer and fewer. However, I've managed to squeeze out organizing my standards binder!

I found these super cute binders at Target and just had to get them. One is going to be used for my standards binder, while the other will be used for my sub binder. I still need to add the tabs, but I completed the daunting task of printing out all the standards and putting them into plastic sleeves. I also designed little title pages for each subject (which you can see below). The next task will be to meet with my team and begin to focus when we will teach what. I heard that social studies was swept under the rug last year, but I am really hopeful that isn't the case this year. SS is one of my favorite things to teach!

I hope to finish up putting together the title pages for the sub binder today. Not to mention, I'll need to go back to Target and get the other design of these binders for my Student Data binder. I still need to get a larger binder for my planning and such. Geesh- so many binders!!

Until next time!


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