Some interesting news

So I was at work today when I got a text message from my boyfriend, Nick. He had texted me with some news he had been waiting on. He found out where he would do his elementary student teaching placement. And where else in the entire Twin Cities area was he placed?? My new school of course! How crazy is that??!? We knew there would be a slim chance of that happening, as we found out earlier this summer that one of his instructors for his program was actually the phy ed teacher at my school. He had spent the last few weeks working at my school which I thought was crazy enough! We even joked around about what it would be like if he was teaching my students during phy ed. Well, as of now, that is very possible (he'll only be there in the mornings so he still may not actually work with my kiddos if we have specials in the afternoon)! It'll be interesting and exciting having us both be at the same school. I still can't get over how small this world really is.

I'm dedicated to start kicking it into high gear and really start getting some things ready for the school year. Not to mention we'll be moving in about a week. It'll be a busy week but I'm super stoked for August to get here (and then slow way down)!


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