Buzz Board... and then some!

I got some time in my classroom this week. YAYY! I got a few projects done as well as some organization. I wanted to post pictures of some things I'm really excited about, but they aren't done yet and I'd rather wait until they are done. However, here's a few things I have been working on!!

Buzz Board
An idea I found on Pinterest ( (big shocker, huh?) was a buzz board. The original idea suggested using Post-it notes, however, I came up with a different idea that I am lovin'. Here's the concept:

Students always have so much to share. One way to showcase their lives and all the big (and little) moments is through the buzz board. Students can clip a piece of paper (which I have yet to make) onto a "buzz" clip and write their share. Also, students can bring photos to clip also. As students enter the room, they can check out each other's news. In addition, buzzes can be taken down and shared during Morning Meeting.

There are some other possible uses for this buzz board also. I hope to incorporate current events and have students bring in news that relates to things that we are studying or important events locally all the way to globally. Also, this could be a place for students to clip exit slips and such.

The idea seems really great, but we'll see how its executed this school year! Now- the how-to on how to make the buzz clips!

Your materials needed:
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Scrapbook paper of your choice

There are a few different ways to go about doing this. If my way seems difficult, test out some different ways that'll work for you!

1. Brush Mod Podge onto one side of the clothespin. Make sure that you try to keep the Mod Podge application even. 

2. Place the clothespin down onto the scrapbook paper- Mod Podge side down. Press down firmly and let stand for a minute or two.

3. Once the clothespin seems set (as in, doesn't wiggle around), carefully cut around the clothespin. You only have to do two cuts if you line it up nicely. Trim excess scraps if you find it too difficult to get to close. 

4. After you cut it out, cover the newly scrapbook-covered clothespin with another coat of Mod Podge. Make sure to apply it evenly and to brush the same stroke. It will dry clear, but if it is clumpy, it may not look as smooth.

Here is a set of 24. If you combined all the paper used, it was about 1/2 a sheet of 8.5 x 11 scrapbook paper. This little project would be great if you had a bunch of scrap pieces left over.

The next part is dependent upon if you have a Cricut or other cutting devices. Obviously you could use stickers or simply free hand it also. But, all I did was cut out the word "Buzz" and took the outline, glued it onto a white piece of paper and filled in the "B." I put a layer of Mod Podge over the labels and then added a bit more Mod-Podge to the back to stick the label onto the clothespin. (Sounds like a lot of Mod Podge, huh?)

Last step: Put two small, round magnets onto the back of the clothes-pin. 

(I got the little magnets from Lakeshore; $7.99 for 300.)

I cut out some letters on my Cricut to label the board and the Buzz Board was born!

A couple other projects I worked on (and completed) this past week:
Teacher Mailbox:  A place for students to put notes,  forms, etc. all in one place as opposed to littering my table.
Weekly Organizers: A place to put all my copies and books for each day of the week. I stuck the labels on these magazine boxes with velcro so that I can change them later on.
Filing System: A place to put all the papers I need copies of as well as a place to re-file them afterwards. Also, I have an outgoing tray for things that need to be sent to the office and such.
Well, those a just a few of the things I worked on! I also got to meet with one of my teammates for a bit and she answered a bunch of my questions!! 

On a slightly different note, I got my class roster today! I also got to see pictures of my students from last year. It was at that moment that I saw my name at the top of the page that it hit me that I would be the teacher to these 23 students for their 3rd grade year. I got somewhat terrified thinking about it! So much to do, so much responsibility. I began to think about what parents will think of the idea that their child is going to have a first year teacher. I hope that I don't let them, my students, or myself down...


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