I forgots ma' camera!!

My classroom is coming along so nicely!! The more and more I do, the more and more I look forward to spending time in it- because let's face it, I'll be there probably more often than at my home. More importantly, I want this space to feel clean, crisp, and warm for my students and I think I'm getting closer to accomplishing this. I also feel very blessed to be able to have such great 'bones' to my room (nice big windows, lots of storage, large space) as well as having it available to me to work in it- one of my team members isn't so lucky. However, I hope that since I've gotten so much done in my room that I can lend a helping hand to him if need be next week! I was so excited about a few of the new additions but of course- I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Grrr. Oh well, I guess it will be more of a 'surprise' later on when even MORE stuff is done.

I probably forgot because I was in such a hurry to get to school today. My mind was racing as I got back from my very last day at my summer job (WOO HOO) and tried to finish some last Cricut Cutting stuff before I left for Lakeshore to get some 'stuff' laminated.

I won't be back into the classroom until Monday because I have RC training the rest of the week. GAAAAAAAAAAH that means it's the middle of August already. Which means in 2 weeks, its Open House! Slow down August, slow down.

(P.s. sorry for all the Caps Lock... its just one of those days) Until next time!


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