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I'm going to give a little classroom tour once my room is mostly complete (hopefully by next Tuesday- Open House already?!?!) but in the mean time, here are a couple things that have kept me busy in my classroom while taking breaks from trainings.

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Project #1: Materials Needed
I knew I wanted a space to post materials needed for each lesson/activity. Not only does it limit the amount of times I have to repeat myself, but it's a great visual for my ELs. I found these AMAZING mini-posters from Ashley at the School Supply Addict. I typically like to try to make my own stuff, but this was one project that I was willing to pay for a bit as opposed to spending countless time. They are simple, clean, crisp, and numerous!

I cut out each one of the mini-posters (there were larger ones in the set also so you can take your pick) and laminated them. Yay for being at school and laminating FO' FREE. Then, I put those handy, little, circle magnets from Lakeshore on the back. I cut out my own sign on the Cricut, applied some Modge Podge, and it's done!

Here's my little secret: I keep all mini-posters behind my Smartboard. That way, they are out of sight, but easy for me to pull and push around based on what is needed at that time.

If you like these, you should really check out Ashley's website/blog. She is very reasonably priced, and you aren't going to get products that are too fancy or grade specific, which means very versatile and will go with just about any theme.

 Project #2: Math Banner
Ugh. My first intentions did not go so well. I was going to post this on the top of one of my bulletin boards that is going to be just for math. But no matter how I hung it, I didn't like it. Then I remembered writing down a thought: "Think about what to put under the boards." I've got this weird cork strip under my whiteboard and Smartboard. I got the idea to put my math vocabulary under it, since it will still be near the other math stuff. That way, students can reference it during work time while they are sitting on the floor (if they choose).
I quickly cut out the word "Vocabulary" and glued it onto the same ribbon I used for the banner. The yellow ribbon looks like an odd color in this picture- I promise it isn't puke yellow.  We'll see if this idea lasts or if I have another plan for this space.

Project #3: Student Display Tags
I really wanted to create some space in the room to showcase student work. It's tricky with my lack of useable wall space. These little guys will be kinda high up (meaning I'll have to stick them up, but I will let them decide what they want showcased) but at least everyone will have a space. I'll hang student work in other aspects of the room too, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone equally got to shine!
I used my Cricut to cut out the black "notebook" squares. Then, I used Sharpie paint markers and made them look more like notebooks. I wrote the students' names on the top and left a space for their nicknames as well. Then, I stuck a clothespin on with the use of double sided tape!

Project #4: Clock Numbers
I've seen these all over. So naturally I had to make some too to match my color theme of yellow and teal. These are nothing special, but they do draw some focus and attention to the clock. I was shocked last year how many of my 4th graders could not read the clock. Hopefully, this will help.

Project #5: Job Board
This is one of my favorite projects. I love how it turned out. I took one bulletin board and split it with ribbon. This will be our 'command station' to run our classroom. My plans will be posted on the board (where you can't see right now because that side isn't done yet); our schedule will be posted there as well, and of course, our jobs. I went back and forth between how many jobs I wanted to have. I read and saw what other people did, and I decided that I was just going to try this out and modify it later in the year if need be. I made these library pockets myself by just making my own template. I cut the words out on my... you guessed it... Cricut. I glued the words onto the pockets with a little Modge Podge and plan to use popsicle sticks with student numbers on them. I have to still figure out how I am going to do rotations (I may have them sign up or just volunteer, or I may assign them- not sure yet) I plan also on changing the jobs throughout the year if I find some not being used or discover a need later on.

Well, there's a few things! I finally have my new teacher orientation tomorrow!! I am so excited to finally get some questions answered.

Also, I'm testing out some new 'blogging' adventures including linking up to awesome teacher blogs full of neat stuff. I've been following Tara at 4th grade Frolics for a bit now and thought I would attempt linking up with her Monday Made It (even though it is now Tuesday.. hey, I was 'making' a lot of this stuff yesterday.) I don't get this whole button thing yet... and I've got to get to Target still tonight so for now, I'll just put a link so you can go check her blog out at 4th Grade Frolics!

Until next time!


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