Open House and Classroom Pictures

Whew! I made it! I have been preparing my classroom for this night- trying to set a good first impression. I couldn't have done it without my boyfriend who came in and helped me this afternoon. He seriously was my life saver. I had 18 of my (now) 26 students show up, which is a pretty decent turn out! I met some very excited students which made me get so excited! I also met some pretty shy students and it got me thinking of a way to respect their shyness but help them also express themselves more. I tried a checklist activity to keep families and students busy while I was talking with others. It went ok- some really got into it, others just took it and left after 1 minute. The result was a bit expected, however. I've already found things I would have done differently, but I am happy with how my room looked and happy with how I interacted with my new students and families and hope to continue to build relationships with them! I have to say though, these 12 hour school days will need to stop come school year- I won't be able to survive. For all those people who give crap to teachers about working only 9 months out of the school year: don't worry- we make that time up... and then some (without pay)!

Anywho, here are a few pictures of my mostly completed classroom! It remains a bit bare, as I believe that the learning resources posted on the wall need to be meaningful and created by and with the students. So, that will come...

Here's a little tour!
Our door! I had to add another column of puzzle pieces after I got the news at 10pm last night that I would have another student. Cue crazy-getting-everying-ready-for-new-student mode. 

Here's our buzz board, lunch/attendance count, and student display clips. My students and families seemed really excited about the buzz board. Some got around to using the buzz board tonight where they wrote down 1 thing they are excited about for 3rd grade.

Here's our writing center (sorry about the ugly wall... it photographs weird). My wall moves, so it's really hard to post things on it without it getting crinkled and smooshed. So I have to hook everything with drapery hooks on only one curve. Anywho, here is where our writing goals will be displayed. Students will put their number under the goal they are working on. A close up of these are below. I also have two little trays to allow students to write in a different spot. They will also put their writing folders into the box that matches their stage.

Here is the material board and an example of a possible writing goal. I used whiteboard strips from the Target $1 section. (I love these) I got four in one pack!

Here's a close up of our writing stage boxes. 

Here's my finished classroom library- complete with bean bag! The bulletin board is temporary- I had to decorate at least 1 board so it wasn't SO bare. I also had students write down a book recommendation for me to purchase for the library. I had many boys already searching through the Goosebump books. They said they were so excited to read them (heart melting).

Here's a closer view

Front board complete with schedule (which isn't finalized yet) and objective board divided up!

This was my thrift store find! I've been looking for a little stool for students to use when sharing. I repainted the top with left over paint and it's done for under $4! 

Here's a better view of the back of the room. The students who didn't make it still have stuff on their desk.
Well- there's my room. I am excited about going to bed tonight and not doing anything related to school (besides blog about it). I need to start to refocus and shift to planning. It feel like after today, it should be the weekend!


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