RC Training Day 1

I had RC training today. It's not a full week like usual, but it will give me some support until I do take the week long RC 1 and RC 2 trainings. However, a lot of it was review for me, which made me feel much more confident in some aspects of RC. I also found some trouble spots for myself and got to hear some great ideas to help! These trainings make me so excited to start working with my students. They are helping me shift my thinking away from the classroom environment I have been creating and begin to start the planning piece. I've wanted to do some planning, but since I'm not meeting with my team until Monday, I don't want to do too much work to then realize we are doing something different. I have started to think up some math centers to go along with the common core standards and have begin to plan out my morning meetings, while making a list of procedures and routines to model and teach the first week. I hope to have most of my classroom done by Tuesday... Friday at the absolute latest, so that I can fully focus on the planning and prep work involved to welcome my new third graders (not to mention get reacquainted with the SMARTboard- I haven't used one for a couple years now).

Funny little event happened tonight: I was suppose to do the dishes since the boyfriend made a delicious dinner. After dinner, I was finishing a project when I realized I had to do some reading for my training tomorrow. I shared this notion with Nick and how did he help? He pulled up a chair and sat by the sink to read out loud to me and to highlight. Why didn't he just offer to wash the dishes you ask?? Because he "enjoys reading out loud." Not to mention, he'll be working with my kiddos in P.E. this year so some of this stuff can translate right?? He is so helpful, though. What a keeper! It was a relaxing  time together :)


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