Spoke too soon

It was back in the classroom today. I was pumped- Nick was coming to help with some stuff I couldn't quite do alone, I was going to meet with my team and plan, and I was hoping to get some pictures up on this here blog since I thought I would get a lot done. However, the day started off a bit rough:

First, I arrived at my car and realized that the bean bag in the back seat had moved to the other side of the car. A closer look, and the glove compartment was open. Even more, my driver's side door was cracked open. Yup- someone was in my car last night looking to help themselves to my property. I always lock my car, so I don't know how I forgot to do that, but it didn't look like they had to try hard to get in. Luckily, they didn't take anything that I knew of (I don't keep valuables in my car) except for my safe state of mind. A little shook up, Nick and I left to head to school.

Once there, I started to piddle around with stuff while Nick hung things way up where I couldn't reach. I got some stuff done- but not nearly as much as I wanted to before I went to lunch with my team members to get to know each other better and start to discuss some logistics. We then spent at least an hour trying to figure out our schedule for the day and although we wish we had some more time (which teacher doesn't wish this) I'm excited about our schedule. My lack of expertise in our SASH time (Science, Art, Social Studies, Health) resulted in me getting health, which means I'll be teaching all 4 sections of 3rd grade health this year. I wasn't exactly excited, but it made the most sense since all the others had ties to the other subjects. One team member also suggested integrating some technology into health, which made me more interested. I went home and looked more closely at the standards for health, and I am excited to see what I can come up with! It'll be a challenge, since we have some curriculum (I swear its from the time when I was born), but I am excited to teach something other than the heavy math and reading instruction.

Another staff member came in and said hello during our meeting and asked, "Feeling overwhelmed yet?" I replied saying, "No, surprisingly not yet." Spoke too soon...

With my last 1.5 hours at school today, I was excited to get back to my projects. Never happened. More talking (about helpful stuff- just random stuff though) between some of us kept me from doing this. After talking, it also made me realize HOW much I still need to figure out..... OVERWHELMED NOW. Oh well- tomorrow afternoon I'll try again :) Hopefully I can get some pictures up then- No promises.


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