First Sick Day

I had to take my first sick day(s) of my first year. I was determined to not miss any school days due to sickness and "power" through- but really, that's a selfish idea. With all the flu going around, I don't want to contaminant my room, students, and coworkers, just so that I don't have to make sub plans.

It hit me like a ton of bricks! I was fine all day, even stayed late for planning with the team. Got home, took a seat on the couch to watch my beloved Gophers (who have been dominating this year) and feel asleep early (boo- didn't get to finish the game). When I woke up around 10 to head to the bed room, I felt a little under the weather, but thought it would wear off.

Fast forward to 12:30 a.m. - it was getting worse. I couldn't sleep thinking about getting stuff ready for a sub (and even finding a sub). So I stayed up and prepared stuff, took a shower, and crashed out on the couch until 3:30. I woke up at 6, tried to get ready in case I had to stick it out at school and made my trip to school. I printed what I needed for the sub, cleaned up my room (I've been getting into the bad habit of just leaving my room- mainly my area- a mess after school and cleaning it up in the morning), and checked in with the office about my sub situation. Luckily, our amazing secretary was making phone calls and found me a sub. I left, feeling like the day will be what it'll be and went home to sleep.

3:00 pm rolled around and I felt like it was getting worse than better. After emailing our secretary and team, I decided to stay home for a second day-- gaaaahhhhh! My team was awesome and got a few things ready for me, and good thing- I spiked a fever later that night, couldn't eat or drink anything, and was just miserable.

I won't know how it went until I get back to school on Monday, but I'm thankful I had partial emergency sub plans planned. But I'll need to work on that this summer for future years so that I am not going crazy, nor my team, in the event of sickness.


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