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I am getting better at this blogging thing... that is... doing it more often than just once very 4 months! Here is how I am trying to keep track of my guided reading groups and their jobs. I have 6 groups for guided reading. Some I meet with every other day, while others I meet with 1 time in our 6-day rotation (they meet more often together as a group as a book club). And of course, there's others who meet somewhere inbetween. I want to keep them all engaged with their book and thinking about their guided reading books more in depth, even when they aren't meeting with me. I tried to assign jobs for them to work on during independent reading time, but the management piece got to be tricky. I would have what they needed to to written down, but they wouldn't remember. I tried giving them post-its, but some of them would loose them. I tried to write them on the board below, but it got messy and it was hard for me to remember to add it to the board. I problem solved a bit and am trying out this system- and so far, so good!

I've got to redo the group numbers and laminate them, but for now it works. I've separated the board into what they need to read to be ready for group next time, what they need to do before they come to group next time, and a due date space if their job is due before they meet with me again. I write them out right in front of them at the end of our meeting as a way to remind them. Then, I have one of the students, go and put it in the boxes for their group. Now, if they should forget, they simply walk over, read the board, and take a seat. I no longer have to get up, erase the board, rewrite it, and put it back- only to go repeat that again in 15 minutes for the next group. Now, it stays put, and the post-its come to it.
Here's another view to show where students turn in their jobs.

I've attached a blue bin from the dollar tree to the wall, right next to the board. Now students just need to plop it in there and I can take the whole bucket to my table to sort it.

It's been really simply, and I like having the board and job drop off bin right next to each other.

Click to enlarge: Beyond the Text Question Stems
Click to enlarge: About the Text Question Stems

These are the bookmarks I've made for my students to use for their jobs. A focus for all my groups is deeper thinking comprehension- both beyond the text and about the text. I've printed these front to back so students have both comprehension focuses. They have question stems that they use to create their own questions about their guided reading book. Then they bring those questions to group and we use those to start our conversation. If I noticed the questions are all very similar, I have my own questions ready and we plot their answers using this graphic I whipped up thanks to google images and powerpoint: 

I tell my students that we want to think deeper about our book. The "strong, powerful" thinking is like a treasure chest on the ocean floor. In order to get there, we have to ask and be able to answer deeper questions about the book. I have this graphic laminated and attached to my small whiteboard stand and I plot their responses to the questions. If it was a 'surface' level response, it's on top of the waves. Then, they often try again and try to think of something less obvious, more inferential, etc. It is a good visual and feedback tool for my students to know if they are pushing their thinking. It also becomes like a 'game' as they want to get to the treasure chest. 

Now if only I had an extra 20-30 minutes added to our reading block....

Until next time!


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