Hopes and Dreams take 2

We created our hopes and dreams way back in our first week of school. I had this amazing image of what I wanted to do and then reality hit and I realized- I didn't have time to do an elaborate art-related hope and dream. Instead, I printed out a starburst image with lines. They wrote, colored, and cut and we called it done. They still turned out nice and all, but I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get to do what I wanted to do.

Then January came. I had been with my students for 4 months and I knew so much better what they were capable of handling. We had be doing a lot of following written direction exercises so I thought this was a perfect way to incorporate independent directions and our hope and dream craft. I still walked them through our writing of our hopes and dreams. I had them follow this format.

My hope and dream for 3rd grade is ______________________.
To reach this goal I will _____________________.
I will know that I reach my goal when _____________________.

We looked at our old h. & d.'s and some realized they didn't know if they reached it yet because it was so broad. Perfect time to discuss goal setting. This made them think a lot more about a specific task, what work it will take to get there and how we will know come June if they reached it.

The rest of the project was done over a week or so during their morning work time. I had directions labeled 1, 2, 3, etc and an example. The directions took them step by step and were detailed enough that their shouldn't be any confusion. It really showed me the importance of holding my students accountable of reading and following directions. They did this whole project without me having to stand up and do it for them- but rather, they could finish it by following simple, written directions.

The finish product, all of my students having a complete, measurable hope and dream and a fun keep-sake for them. They loved seeing the finish product and looking at each other's. I blurred out the faces to protect them, but they all look so animated and excited in their pictures.



  1. This is a lovely activity! I'm on teaching practice and did this lesson with my class today! They really enjoyed the activity as a whole. We hung the balloons on a piece of string going across the back of the class. Thank you for sharing this great activity x

  2. Great activity, can I ask you where did you find the template?

  3. Hi there! Where can I find the template for this activity? My kinder team and I would like to do this for writing in the coming weeks! Thank you!

    1. It is in this resource: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Goal-Setting-1031220


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