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Our school does SASH time: Science, Art, Social Studies, Health. We decided this year that each of us (we are a team of 4) would take a subject matter and teach all the 3rd graders that subject. We are on a daily rotation, which I'm not loving, but we are making it work. I only get 30 minutes with each class every 4 days, so really the lessons have to be short, sweet, and wrapped up relatively quickly, as 4 days in-between lessons is a really big gap for me, especially in a subject matter that many of my students haven't had a whole lot of experience with.

I teach health. Our first unit was all on nutrition. It got long, and I didn't plan it out like I should have. Knowing that, I did unit 2 differently. Since the only curriculum we have is Health Teacher, an online resource, I am able to let the standards guide me and come up with what works to meet those. This unit, I decided to focus on Mental and Emotional health. I combed the online resources and put together a packet to use this unit. I want to have students have a resource of what we focused on and to have it all in one place.

I made a packet of 7 different lessons. Click on the picture to be taken to these resources!

The lessons included:
-Positive Self Image and Self Esteem
-Stess Management through deep breathing
-Role Models
-Feelings (identifying comfortable/uncomfortable and communicating these feelings)

You can pick these activity pages up at my TpT store! (click the picture)

All of these lessons were guided by Health Teacher, I just made most of the work pages to make them a bit more appealing and to work with the time I am given. I've made Interactive Smartboard Slides for each lesson too. These pages are usually for a debriefing for the last 10-15 minutes. 


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