Rainforest Writing Projects

This post is WAY over due. I've found that I have a pattern with this blogging thing. I'm solid for a week or so, then I disappear for an undetermined amount of time. Maybe next year will be better. I got the news this past week that I was rehired for 3rd grade again next year!! So all my "I need to remember to do it this way next year" will actually be possible! Anywho- back to the purpose of this post.

At the end of December (ya- I know- waaaaay over due) students finished up their Rainforest animal reports. We were working on paragraph writing and research. It was a really fun writing project and the best part was coming. Over winter break, students were to create a visual aid to go with their project. We presented them after break, complete with family members, and it was fabulous!  Here are some of their creations! (Sorry for the creepy, headless, children- it's a quick way to protect them through iPhoto.)
This friend created a whole habitat for his parrots

A nicely organized board on Geckos!
Nice use of toys and figurines for the tigers!

This kiddo got very creative with his resources at home! Love the vines on top!

Lots of neat pictures of boa constrictors
A creative display for a red-eyed tree frog
A clay sculture of a Komodo dragon!

This student actually sewed her own amazon river dolphin! Melted my heart!

Awesome cobra sculpture!
Simple but very colorful and great size of a visual aid!

This friend had a really neat diagram attached!
Really cute spider monkey!

As a special treat from me to my kiddos, I brought in a traveling reptile show!! Some students did reports on snakes and lizards, so it worked perfectly!! I even got pressured into holding the snake! I mean, how can I say "no" when 24 children (and 5 parents) are screaming at me to do it?!? I got some really neat shots, but blurring out the faces will just take away from them. So I'll leave you with this gem:


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