Busy, Busy

I've been meaning to blog about the many awesome things we've been doing over the last month. Whenever I find time to do it- I realize I left my camera at school. I'm going to try really hard to remember to bring it home this weekend to share what we've been up to for test prep, fraction work, ocean animal research, and more!

In other news, I found out earlier this month that I was renewed for my 2nd year! Even better, I'll get to stay in 3rd grade with my fabulous team!!! We have SO many plans for summer to get ready for next year now that 2 of us (who were new this year) know what to expect, so I hope to get lots of good idea to blog about as we collaborate.

We finished reading MCA tests and have about 2 weeks before we take the math. Then we have lots of fun events, field trips, and end of the year plans to tackle in May. We are down to just 30 more school days(yes I'm counting down)- this year has FLOWN by!!

I'm excited to share this weekend some of the things we've been up to!

Until then!


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