Teacher Tool Box: Take 1

I caved. These little teacher tool boxes are floating all over Pinterest. I have a huge desk at school so the need really wasn't there. I was waiting to snag a trapezoid table to replace my desk, but those things are hot commodities at my school. Our EL department was moving to a much smaller room and I just happened to stumble in one day and got to claim at least 2 if not 3 trapezoid tables! (It's the little things that make me excited!) So with that, I'll be getting rid of my desk. And that means- I get to make my teacher tool box!!

So I live in an apartment and it's a little tricky to try and spray paint around here, so the box isn't done yet (hence the post title- take 1). I bought the one that can be found at Home Depot (22 drawers) and apparently Lowe's too. I've created the labels and hope the next time I go back to my parent's house to spray paint the box, which I will then post the finish project.

Here is a preview of one page:
Small drawers are 4 different colored chevron patterns (in teal shades and yellow shades); Large drawers have 3 different patterns (one not shown is a strip pattern using the same colors as the triangles.
Here's are all of my labels:

Here are the blank labels so that you can add what materials you want, the font, the colors, the background, etc. On the cover page of this document, I added how to add a patterned background to your labels.

As it states in the cover page of the blank document, I created these labels using Microsoft Word Publisher- I find it easier to move and format things. I'm not super tech savvy so I can't really help ya out if you don't have Publisher (sorry!!!)

Also, credit is given to the fonts and patterns used on the cover page of the document.

I'm excited to paint the box and get int filled with all my office goodies!

Until next time!


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