Monday Made It: Teacher Tool Box Part 2 & Wedding Project

I actually made something on a Monday. This is a rare occurrence, as I usually just plan on doing something, but never get around to it. I felt it necessary to link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics to celebrate this momentous occasion (dramatic, huh?).

Not only did I finish the ever popular Teacher Tool Box I started last week, but I even did a little last minute wedding project!

First, my teacher tool box:

 I have no idea who had the original idea/post on this- I've seen so so many, but obviously I was not the genius behind it. I made my own labels to go with my color scheme (using images from the web- details in the previous post) and what materials I needed for my box. I also made completely blank labels so that you can put your own color scheme/font/materials. To check either of these out, see my previous post.

I spray painted it black (my first official spray paint job- let's just say- it'll do), cut up my labels and stuck them in there. I still have to tape them in, but it'll work for now until I get back to school.

 Here's a close up of some of the labels. The lighter yellow is a bit brighter than my camera shows; the blue a bit more subtle as well in real life.

I'm proud of my little box and am excited for it to help replace my huge desk!

For my 2nd project, it came to me due to a meeting we had with our awesome DJ for our wedding yesterday (which is less than 3 weeks away now!). He convinced us to do a few things we weren't going to with his clever ideas, but that meant I had to come up with a few things. One thing was a garter. I've seen the really pretty ones on Etsty, but given my time limit, they would have cost a lot just for shipping to ensure they would be here on time and I know I would be freaking out waiting for them, so instead, I made them.

I don't sew. I have never done it before. I thought this little project would be simple enough... and it was! Now- are they perfect? No! But I don't care. Only a handful of people will see it. Here is the set I made today:
One is for me to keep, the other is for us to toss. I got everything at Jo Ann Fabrics. I bought a couple yards of stretchy lace ribbon (used for trim usually), some small embellishments found with the ribbons, a couple jewels from the jewel aisle, some fabric-tac glue, and needle and white thread.

I measured the two spots I was going to wear it by just wrapping the lace around my thigh and cut the lace. I glued the two ends together (pinching it like a little fin), secured it with a little thread, turned it outside-in, and the band was done!
For this one, I had to sew the jewels onto the band. I again just went back and forth, over and under the little loops on the jewels (people who actually know how to sew are probably slapping their forehead about my make-shift sewing skills). When I wear it, the jewels are in a nice straight line. I then added a little blue flower with the fabric-tac for my 'something blue.' I will be keeping this one.
This one, all I did was use the fabric-tac and glued on 5 different embellishments. I did a little glue right on the flower, then pressed it on. Then I flipped it over and did a little more glue on the back of each flower.
One more close up look of the two. I am happy with how they turned out. I bought way too much ribbon though. I would say that both garters cost me about $10-$12 total, including buying the glue.

The blog will be a bit abandoned I feel over the next couple weeks with the wedding fast approaching, but I could be wrong...

I hope you are having as beautiful weather as we have here today! Until next time!



  1. I want to make a teacher tool box so bad! What is the exact name of that tool box? I am assuming you got it at Lowe's. I do not go in there much, so I have no idea where to look or what to ask for.

    I linked up with Monday Made It and I just started following your Pinterest boards! I'd like to follow you on Bloglovin' if you decide to join there!

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

    1. Hi Tasha,

      You can find it at Lowe's I've heard- we don't have any around here really so I just got mine at Home Depot. It's just a 22-drawer compartment storage system. I found mine near all the tools (I had to ask 3 different people). I just described it to them and they eventually got me there :) Thanks so much for following my boards! I haven't quite gotten around to bloglovin' yet, but soon I hope to!

    2. Go to where all the other toolboxes are and it's called, STACK-ON. I bought mine at Home Depot (I think).


  2. Kelli, I love, love, love your toolbox! It is beautiful and I especially love the blue/yellow color theme. Awesome job! :)


    1. Thanks Catherine! I've visited your blog numerous times whenever I see you linked up with other bloggers- you have so many creative ideas. Thanks for sharing them :)

  3. I bought my storage container. Now I'm starting to put it together. Thanks for sharing your templates. Did you tape the labels on the inside or outside of the drawers? Thanks for sharing! Hopefully mind will be up for next Monday's made it!

    1. Hi Andrea. Yes, I just used double-sided tape. You can't see it and it isn't super permanent if I should need to change things. I stuck them inside the drawer with the tape on the printed side of the paper... you only need a little tape. Glad you found the template useful!

  4. I love your toolbox, too! I can see where it would come in REALLY handy in the classroom! I also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster award. See my latest blog post for details. :) (Oh yes...I've signed on to follow you, too.)
    Crafting Connections


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