A Glimpse into my Room 2013-2014

I've spent many hours at school this month, cleaning, organizing, labeling, and decorating in a humid, sticky fashion, but I am really loving how the room is coming together. If I needed to, I could easily be ready for Open House on Monday (although nothing is labeled with student names yet- I like to wait until I have any roster changes closer to Open House). Now next week with workshops being in full swing and limited time to work in our rooms, I can focus on organizing my digital files and planning for  our first week with the students (technically, I've started that also). I'm linking with Miss Nelson for her Saturday Snapshot feature!

Here's most of what the room is looking like!

Here is my door this year. I love this book! I'll write student names on each hot air balloon before open house.

The Job Chart and Attendance board are in the back of the room right by the door. I've added more pockets to make switching easier. I'll add student names on the sticks and introduce a few jobs each day the first few weeks until they are all in service. For the attendance board, students move their number to their lunch choice. Whoever doesn't move theirs would be absent. I have a lunch count job where that student double checks that everyone did their lunch count and they write how many of each choices on the white board next to it so I can input them into our computer as well as record who is absent.

This is a view of my library this year.  A few more bins have been added and I've completely relabeled every book (to include my new last name) I'm excited for how I've labeled them this year and hope I don't have to do that task again for a very long time!

This is my bulletin board for the library this year! I hope to change it shortly after Open House to include older anchor charts for students to reference. I actually used a placemat from the Dollar Tree (I had an extra one) for behind the words. I've also used a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree to make mini buzz boards for the library.

I used a dust jacket from a book for the image inside the iPod and made little labels for the screen. My sister made the super cute pom-poms!

One last view from the library! 

My birthday sticks! I used the Crazy Straw idea floating around Pinterest. I got mine off of Amazon- a 36 pack for like $8.00. I then used my Cricut to cut out the little decals on top and the sign. The vase I found at home. I hope this helps me keep better track this year of birthdays.

This will be my interactive math vocabulary board. We'll add vocabulary cards as we learn them, but I wanted it up for Open House. They are on magnets so students can move them around, take them back to their desk, etc.

Above my Smartboard is our Show 5 (from Responsive Classroom) and our Fist to Five guide. I put it there to try to cover up the holes in the wall from an old projection screen.

I used Fist to Five all the time last year, but this year I have more of a clear explanation for what each finger means. Here's a closer look at each level.

My Guided Reading board got an upgrade as well (the crumpled, torn post-its needed to go). Same deal as last year: When I'm done meeting with a group, we go over their independent job. I write them on mini-post-its as they repeat their job back to me and then they go and place it on the board to reference if they should forget. It worked really well last year!

They turn in any post-its or index cards, or Reading A-Z books in the little blue bin next to the board. I also have moved the strategy seminar sign-up to the same area in hopes I get around to using it more.

I am trying out the homework pockets. I was terrible at keeping track of who had turned in their homework. Now, all the pockets are numbered and facing the same direction so I can easily glance to see who hasn't turned them in. My homework helper job will then take the papers out (in the same order) so I can look them over. My paper passers then will pass them back out (already in number order) to student mail boxes. The system seems pretty full-proof, but time will tell!

On my Reading and Math bulletin boards, I've posted simple signs of our units for the year. I'll take them down after Open House, but this way, not every board is blank in the room on Open House, and it has valuable information for what we will learn in 3rd grade this year!

Uh- and the moveable wall. This thing can be a head ache. It will be my writing focus wall this year again, with some tweaks. I've moved a table back there, as there will be times when I am co-teaching with our EL teachers and I wanted to make sure they had a space to pull small groups if necessary. Using upholstery hooks from Jo-Anns, I am able to hang things on the wall. It will soon be covered with charts we create to help us with our writing.

We'll track our writing here. Made from Dollar Tree pizza pans and washi tape.

A closer look. I still need another set of classroom numbers, because I want to track both their assigned writing progress that we do in Writer's Workshop and their free-writing progress. They'll move their number to the stage they are at.

Some paper storage (big lined and normal line paper as well as some decorative border paper for publishing), some pencils and colored pens that will stay back there. And then some magazine holders for students to turn work in to be looked at during the different writing stages. I still have to label them. I used bulletin board borders to wrap the bottom of the boxes (and to cover the tearing the boxes have endured)

A final glimpse of the back of the room. Once school starts the whole back wall will be closed up. I might go back to school tomorrow... but I have a feeling Open House will be here (Thursday) before I know it! Hope you all are having a great transition back to school!



  1. I adore your room colors! Everything is crazy bright and inviting. Every detail is perfect. I hope that its okay that I stole your reading strategy board. I might have some more questions about it but for now I pinned it and added it to my to do list :D


    1. Thank you so much, Hope! Yes, of course! I'm hoping now that I've moved it that I'll use it more for those awkward 5-6 minutes left of RW.. not enough time for a full group, but enough time to squeeze in some strategies. I wrote a bit about the concept previously last summer (July I think). If you click on the label Small Group Reading, you can read a bit more on it. Hope it helps :)

  2. Your room looks fabulous. You look all ready to go. I really like your iTunes board. I am you newest follower and can't wait to read more post. If you get a chance I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I'm loving your room. The colors are great and it's so bright and cheery. You have been super busy. Your kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful learning environment.

  4. Your room is so bright and colorful. I am trying out the folders on the wall this year also, but I am putting unfinished work in them. I'm hoping it will work out. So far, only one folder has come loose.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Great classroom pics! I'm your newest follower.


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