Monday Made It: Shared Supplies Jars and Voice-O-Meter

I've made it to another Monday Made It! I got into my room a little bit and mainly just created a bit more work for myself. I decided to rework all the tables and big furniture, moving tables, filing cabinets, etc. I didn't get as much work done as I wanted, but I came home feeling ambitious- not to mention I received my package I was waiting for!

I saw these shared supply jars from a Monday Made It from Everyday Giggles and after changing our supply list and having some communal supplies, I needed to have my own!
Inspiration from Everyday Giggles

I looked everywhere for the plastic candy jars she used, and just couldn't find them. I did find some hexagonal shaped ones from Birthday Express and at only $3.00 a piece, I thought I could make it work. These are 4 x 6 (they come in other sizes too) and I thought were a little small at first, but after I stuck some pens in there, I think it'll work!

My Supply Jars

I painted the lids with acrylic paint. I tried to sand it a bit to help the paint stick, but it didn't work the best.

They aren't the prettiest, but they will work (I am trying so hard to believe that... my nit-picky self is fighting that statement). I added a little ribbon around also to dress them up. I can't wait to fill them up with goodies!

Ambitiously, I started another project: A Voice-O-Meter. I again saw an original idea from Create Art with Me and thought it would come in handy as a reinforcer during parts of our day.
Inspiration from Create Art With Me
 I changed some of the describing words for the different levels. I plan on hanging it up on my whiteboard and having the arrow have a magnet on it. I'm excited to have a visual this year.
My Voice-O-Meter

Pick up my Voice-O-Meter for free at my TpT store by clicking the photo below!

Well, that's it for now. I might go back to school tomorrow- we'll see if I am still feeling the urge!


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  1. Your voice level sign is very cute! Monday Made It reminds me of all the things I still need to make before the school year begins! Your containers look nice, as well! Thanks for sharing!

    Seconds at the Beach


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