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I'm double dipping today and linking up with both Tara for Monday Made It and the Blog Hoppin' crew's We Are THANKFUL linky party. They both are just too fun to skip out on. Plus, my post goes with both today! Prepare for a doozy of a post!


 I've recently opened my TpT store (it literally has only been a few days), so I have been reworking things and creating new things all week to add it to. I'd love for you to check my store out here! One thing I am constantly reworking is my independent reading time. We do Reader's Workshop, so after our 15 minute mini-lesson (on a lucky day) students go off to independently read while I pull groups. One goal of mine this year was to meet with 3 groups a day. So far, most days, I manage that!! But it takes serious pre-planning and organization to do so. Cue my godsend: Reading A-Z.

If you haven't checked out Reading A-Z... you are missing out! It's a wealth of resources. I use it to plan most of my guided reading groups as well as my intervention groups. It is a TOTAL time saver.

I love that I can find books based on F & P levels since that is what our school uses! They have both fiction and non-fiction books for each level.

Once you choose your book, you print them off and assemble them (you can also project them on a SMARTboard as well if you don't want to make the books)! It comes with a lesson plan for the book (which I find has TOO much... however, it does allow me to pick and choose- I also could ditch the lesson plan altogether if I feel my group needs something else, but it's nice to know the resources are there especially for sub days).

You get a ton of graphic organizers, discussion questions, and one of my favorites the comprehension quizzes for each book (more on that lower down).

They also have Paired Reading books for you to use to help compare/contrast. This is HUGE for me, as our state test now has students read two separate passages on similar topics and answer questions on them.

This is something new that I found: they even have resources for trade books! Graphic organizers, lesson plans, the works! Ah-Ma-Zing.  Now, I don't pay for this- our school does. But I totally would even if the school didn't now that I see the wealth of resources it has.

One thing I LOVE about Reading A-Z is the comprehension quizzes. I use them in different ways based on my groups, and have found a way to organize my data in a way that allows me to know exactly how each student is doing. Introducing- my 'group' folders:

Very fancy and high-tech... I know.
 Each group has a folder. Each student has a sheet of paper. I can take the sheets out when I shuffle groups around, but I can use these to keep track of the work we do in group. I got this genius idea from my amazing team member and have modified it to fit my needs. I've created other labels to also use in my folders (which are in my TpT store). I simply keep a couple pages of labels with me so I can quickly jot down what we worked on, and later on I can stick it to the students page. No more rustling through pages in a notebook during groups! Not to mention, when I need data about a particular child, it's easy to find and organized.

I have one label with their name and where I will keep track of their reading level progress over the year. I left their levels at school, so that is still empty. I have 2 other labels then too:

1 label is for when I am conferring with students in small group (see below). I jot down miscues, notes, errors. I also write down 1 strength (s) and 1 teaching point (tp). These labels were made my team member. I have since made some others that I will use once these run out.

The other label keeps track of their comprehension quizzes. I record the date, level, score, and if it was a pre or post test. Once I score it, I note what area they need help in most and write that on the line for future lessons. I accidentally put these labels in the wrong order on this friends page (oops).

I also sometimes (mainly for my two higher groups) give them their book, give them some quick background knowledge on it, then send them off to read and do the quiz. I call this a pre-quiz, because I am not doing any teaching with the book. I then can score it and notice what skills my students are struggling with most. I love doing it like this, because sometimes it's harder to see what guidance my high kids need. This has worked great so far, and I feel like I'm totally allowing them to guide my instruction.

Reading A-Z is a great resource, but I still like to create some of my own things to tailor to my students and classroom (especially my higher readers- although A-Z does now include literature circle plans for their books). I noticed I didn't have any notes on my highest group and wanted to change that. I used my knowledge of Reading A-Z book construction and created my own Book Club booklet for Judy Blume's Superfudge and labels to go with that.

You can pick up this chapter-by-chapter reflective student book from my TpT store. It has 3 focuses per chapter, a note and question page, and a reading assignment page. I made labels like the ones above that I can use for note-taking with this group. Below are directions on how to assemble the booklet.

The longest blog post of all time is wrapping up. Click on the picture below to check out the labels in my TpT store! They're free! Have a great week everyone!



  1. You've been busy! I so need to organize my books or purchase A THROUGH Z. Neat labels

    1. I totally have been.. but what teacher isn't? The sense of being organized is SO nice when it comes to books -however, it always seems so short lived ;)

  2. I love love Reading A-Z. Our district got rid of it this year because we adopted a new reading series and I am missing it bad :-/
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

    1. Bummer Elizabeth! That's one (and there isn't many) benefits of having Teachers College RW... without this resource, I'd be lost!

  3. Love your labels for conferencing with students! I'd like to figure out that folded booklet process for some of my book club materials. Good idea!
    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! I hope you can find them useful. The assembly takes a little getting use to, but I can now make a set of 6 books in under 8 minutes and they hold up much longer and nicer. :)

  4. I love Reading A-Z and everything about it! I could have written this post! :) It is perfect and meets the needs of all of my students without me searching all over to find just the right materials. I am going to have check out your labels...interesting! I also like to spice up the reading a-z worksheets. I started adding them to my TPT store! Check out my blog and TPT store! I'm so happy to find someone that loves Reading A-Z as much as I do!!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

    1. Glad to have found you Kim! I can totally relate to the idea of fitting all your students with it's wide range of levels and books. Love it!

  5. Hi! I found your blog through Blog Hoppin’ We are THANKful for Linky Party! I cannot believe that it is this time of year already! I have been using Reading A-Z for a few years now. As a first grade team, we also use Raz Kids, which is an online reading program with Reading A-Z books.

    Check out my post for today’s Time-Savers! It is in the same post as a couple of my new TpT products. Be one of the first five to comment and chose one for a freebie!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  6. I need to renew Reading A-Z. It looks like they added some features since I had a membership. Thanks for such great ideas.

    1. I've been a member for a year now and they have added a TON since I've joined! Glad to have shared it!

  7. I am loving Reading A-Z as well. Have you tried their close reading packs? They are WONDERFUL!


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