3rd and Final Week with Bob the Moose on the Loose

I'm so glad that I got to participate in the fun of having a little guest in the room this winter with our Moose! The kids loved coming in each morning and trying to find him. Some grew very attached to him. I informed them that another classroom teacher emailed Bob and asked him to visit her classroom because her students needed it. I then told them that Bob would be leaving us because we were so well behaved and he had to help other kids too. A few got very sad at this news. "I'm going to miss Bob so much," one little friend said. "Can I at least hug him goodbye?" he continued. Here's the beauty of the Moose- I told them that you never know when he might pop back in to say hello. He isn't tied to a holiday, so I can easily bring him back when we need a little more fun or an extra reminder of how to behave. I did break our rule of the "no touching" so that each of them could hold him for a picture and say goodbye. I think I'm going to have them printed off with a little note attached waiting for them when they come back from winter break. Again, I told them that Bob and I had talked and he said he was ok with it as long as no one dropped him- you should have seen the care they were taking with him. Anywho, here's what Bob was up to this week in our room!

Homesick, maybe??

He loves his books. It took some kids a very long time to find him this day.

Getting silly up on our Smartboard

He secretly posted the "selfies" we took together on my computer. The kids LOVED this one!

He welcomed them to our SNOW DAY and hung "icicles" from the door frame.

 Check out what other seasonal guests were up to in other classrooms in Mel D & Michelle's fun linky party!


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