Moose on the Loose Kick-Off

Well, the countdown until Winter break is upon us. This week will be a doozy, with 3 meetings over the next 3 mornings before school, my 2nd observation with my principal, and report cards being due and sent home on Friday. Not to mention, snow has finally arrived in Minnesota and it hit right during rush hour tonight. Needless to say, I need a little fun and kicking off the Moose on the Loose with my students was just the ticket.

I was nervous that they wouldn't buy into and and they would be bored/not interested. I turned on my extra enthusiasm and they totally got into it! I reworked our morning meeting a bit: sharing included a surprise letter from a mystery friend (my letter to the students from the Moose) and our activity was first to name him. Drum roll.....

Not the most creative name, but they couldn't stop laughing. 

And then for them to find where he was hiding this morning. They had so many questions filled with excitement... it made me so happy to see them enjoying it. I started off a bit easy, with him hiding here:

Bin in our writing area
We discussed the rules: Can't touch Bob or move him. Don't spoil his hiding space; let friends search for him themselves.

They were off to specialist and when they came back, we quickly put together their journals and they started on their first entry.
 It didn't take long to get their creativity flowing. Some of the ideas of what he was up to last night included:
*writing the note to the students
*finding a place to sleep for the night
*sitting and helping Mrs. O write the note
*roaming around the school looking for food
*moving all their desks around (they had a new seating arrangement this morning)

He moved to a few more places throughout the day. I told the kids he was looking for the best place to watch them learn. Whenever they came back, someone would notice: "BOB HAS MOVED!" and it would send them into a frenzy looking around the room.
One of these things is not like the other.
They even asked if they could wish him a good night before we left him at school tonight. It's these little moments that remind me that 3rd graders are still pretty young, and for that I am so grateful that I get to enjoy them and their excitement. I won't be blogging everyday about Bob's adventures, but I'll post in chunks. If you are trying out the Moose on the Loose, leave a comment so I can check it out! Thank you to all who have purchased this fun activity and I hope it brings your classroom as much joy as mine. :)

You can still get it at my TpT store. The beauty is: you can use it during any of the winter months to add a little excitement. It isn't tied to any holiday. So start in December, January, or even February!



  1. Kelli,

    I am freaking out with excitement! I prepped the books today and my kiddos are going to meet the moose tomorrow(today was a teacher grading day). Do you have a digital copy of the adorable naming tally chart you used? It would be an awesome piece to add to your pack.

    Thank you so much,

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. Oh good!! I hope it goes off without a hitch! I don't have a copy as of now (I made it up on a whim yesterday morning at school). I'll try to whip one up this morning and add to it (it's a SMART notebook file), Let me know how it goes!! :)

    1. I"ve added it in PDF form to the pack on TpT (to flatten the clipart). Hope that helps :)

  3. I started Moose on the Loose with mine yesterday. I have a pretty diverse class this year and I like that the Moose is so generic! Today he brought them a glass jar and "moose marbles", which they'll earn with good behavior. We named our moose today- I let them each submit a suggestion, and then had an EA weed some out so we could vote on the top 3. Our 2nd place name was Bob! What is it with kids and the name Bob?? My favorite was the one that got the most votes--- Herbert Moosehoof. Hahah! Love it. Tomorrow they'll come to school to find Mr. Moosehoof sitting on a chair at the computer wearing headphones browsing cool Thanks for sharing your idea!

    1. Love it, Megan! I LOVE the name your kiddos picked- how creative! I haven't quite figured out the fascination with Bob yet myself...moose marbles for an extra incentive is clever. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to use the headphone idea sometime in the near future. :)


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