Moose on the Loose Update

Our Moose on the Loose Bob has been very busy! What is the Moose on the Loose? Check it out here and here. Essentially, I wanted in on the fun of the Elf on the Shelf idea, but couldn't because of it's ties to the Christmas. So I created my own version! He slowly is becoming a bit more daring and the kids are so excited to see where he will be the next morning. We've got one more week with him before he heads back to his white spruce forest. It really has helped these last couple weeks go fast and make them enjoyable. We rotate for our SASH time (science, art, social studies, health) and for word work, so even the other classrooms have enjoyed coming to my room and looking for where our class moose is. Take a look at what he has been up to:

Bob got caught decorating our classroom!

He found a cozy bed (kleenex box).

Our first main snow fall made Bob want to participate in the fun too!
His little note and "moose angel"

Listening to stories with Mr. Bear
I accidentally deleted one of the photos, but Bob and Mr. Bear were having a snow ball fight with cotton balls.

Getting silly in our bathroom
Check out what other elves (or even another moose or two) are up to in this fabulous linky!

And of course, my heart has been heavy this weekend, but also filled with hope for a brighter future.

Prayers and thoughts for all the Sandy Hook victims and their families, today and everyday. 


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