Prepping for Heading Back To School

I have mixed feelings for heading back to school on Thursday. Although I still have a few days, I feel like the pressure to be ready to go is already hitting me. I'm jealous of my husband and all others teachers for that matter that get the full week off!! However, I'll appreciate it come June 6th when we get out and he still has 4 more days :P.

Anywho, to help me get ready for our short week, I've prepared some resources- a little bit of fun, mixed in with a little bit of review!

First up, revising our hopes and dreams. We are an RC school (which I've talked about here), and we do hopes and dreams at the beginning of each year. We revisit them in January to see how we are doing  in terms of reaching our goal and we revise or recreate. I've put together this bundle to give my students a bit more structure.

I've used both balloon last year and the pennant this year, so I may try to think up something different still (or I'll  just do the balloon again to save time).

I know that students will also want to share what they've been up to over break. I can just see it now (cue dream sequence). A little flock of 8 and 9 year olds following me around during morning work showing me all their new things and sharing all their new stories as I feverishly try to get them all settled and organized.  (end dream sequence)

I created this little brochure for morning work the first two days back to allow them to productively share their fun events and get them all settled. I'm really excited for it!!

(Most of the brochure clip art I snagged from joining Creative Clip's January Clip Art Bundle that Krista has in her store! I'm so excited for it! 4 weeks of surprise clip art??! Yes please!)

Last, but not least, I'd like to review our bully rules before continuing our lessons with our bully prevention program, Olweus. We talked a lot about them earlier in the year, but I'd love for them to try to apply them more. These interactive flaps will be perfect for them to think more about what each rule actually looks like (not just "know" the rules). This will be a great resource to hang in our room for students to reference and will be a great refresher before we dive deeper into our bully prevention program curriculum.

Top flaps with the fill in the blank rules

Bottom flaps with the extended response on what that rule "looks like"

I'm sure I'll continue to create things over the next few days. You can find all of them at my TpT store (along with 2 other new sets of my lil' clip art adventures for free).


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