Year 2: Rain Forest Projects

Our first research project in 3rd grade is focused on a rain forest animal. Students go through the whole research process: finding sources, taking notes, organizing notes into categories, drafting into paragraphs, editing, revising, and then publishing. One way we end our research project is by celebrating our hard work. Each student is expected to create a visual to represent their animal. It's so fun to see how creative they can be! I was talking about it CONSTANTLY for weeks: your visual is due on December 3rd. Make sure you do it at home and bring it on time! Their reactions always made me nervous: "What?!?!?!? What's that?? What visual??" (cue face into palm). So needless to say, I was less than optimistic that students would bring in quality work on time.

Once again, my students and their families settled my lil' teacher soul! On the due date, every student except one brought in their visual. Each one was different than the next. Kids got creative with their resources, and you could tell that they tried their best. It was SO fun to see them all. My one friend who didn't bring it, well we wrote himself a note and sure enough the next day, he had it. I was so proud of them for being responsible and the work they created. Check a few of them out:




Poison Dart Frog


Hummingbird (that is a real orange peel)


Amazon River Dolphin
Komodo Dragon (a stretch of a rain forest animal... we only had so many resources)
To celebrate, they prepared a short speech and shared their visual and their researching process in a small group. We then did a gallery walk to look at everyones. The entire 3rd grade does it, so we also visited the other two rooms on Friday. To hold them accountable, and to really look closely at the visuals, they had to complete this scavenger hunt.

They had a blast walking around, seeing their classmates work. It was a fun way to end our first research project!


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