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For those of you who are enjoying the warm and snow free days- consider yourself lucky. Lucky that you don't have to loose precious instructional time for kids to load up on all their snow gear and waddle out to recess and the buses like lil' penguins. Lucky that you don't have late buses with kids who miss breakfast and miss our morning meeting. And lucky you don't have to grip the steering wheel with all your might as you drive into work on snow covered roads. Yes, I know I chose to live in good ol' Minnesota (well- I was raised here, so I kinda can blame my parents and family), but I truly hate winter. Ok- now back on track on where this post was going...

Getting snow gear on. I hate it. Kids are spending more time talking than getting dressed, they have a million pieces, some are quick, some take 10 minutes. One day, I was just frustrated with how long it was taking, and how many kids were goofing around as I was helping students. I remembered the affect that the JUST DANCE videos have on my kids during the day for transitions and brain breaks, so I stopped, walked to my computer, googled searched for that Sesame Street vid featuring Bruno Mars and pressed play.

The voices lowered, eyes turned to the SmartBoard and before I knew it, I had 25 students, mindlessly putting jackets on, boots, snowpants the works! They stayed in one place, were quiet, and everyone was ready to go on time (actually with time to spare). Did I do it? Did I find a way to make this end of the day enjoyable??!?

Yes, yes I did. The next day, I tried it again. Same video. Same results. I then added the other Sesame Street video with to keep it fresh and again... ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Last week, I tried yet another one. It's amazing! I used this video next (gotta keep building up our options to keep them focused).

They loved it! I even had kids tell me they went home and listened to it over and over again. Today, I had a half day sub for a professional development, and before I left, a few kids asked if they'd get to listen to 'THEIR' song at the end of the day. I had to sadly report, that no, not today (the sub I had, had never been at our school- she had enough on her plate). But it clearly showed that this time of our day went from crazy and loud, to enjoyable and calm. I love ending the day with smiling faces and happy hearts (myself included).

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  1. What a great idea! I don't have to deal with snow clothes - we don't get that much snow, but our pack and stack time is always chaotic, this might help!

    1. Kelly, consider yourself lucky with the no snow clothes haha. Let me know if you give it a try and if you find any other good videos out there! I'm always looking for more now :) Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. Perfect idea! I sometimes turn on music for clean up to get my 5th graders packed up. They too like to chit chat while doing this.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thank you Alison for your kind comment :) It's amazing how a lil' music can go a long way :)

  3. I love the effects of music. Instead of mindless talking and voices getting louder chatting, the students are quietly singing and getting a quick task done. It calms me too! I hear you on the driving and snow. We had three snow days out of four school days after Christmas break. There have been a lot of rough drives into work this year already, passing multiple cars in ditches and I only have to drive 8 miles (but it is up one of the most treacherous hills that get shut down). Now, the snow has melted for the time being. Thanks for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. What an awesome idea! After reading your post I had to hop over to Youtube to see what I could find to create a playlist to use in my room. We have had a ton of indoor recess and I think this might be just what we need to add in something new to our mix. (I added some of the JustDance clips too :-) Thank you so much for sharing your idea!
    I can relate to the misery of snow clothes and snow ready for Spring! I used to have to drive 10 miles on rural roads in this yuck; thankfully now I only live 7 blocks from my school. Stay safe and think warm thoughts :-)
    On the Trail of Learning


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