Digging out from Post-It notes

We are in full force in our country research unit and I thought it would be perfect to join a new link up over at Ideas by Jivey! We did this unit last year as well (I blogged about it here)

So far, students picked their country, got their book, developed essential questions and began jotting down what I call, "WOW jots" (I forgot to take a pic of our lil' chart... I'll do it later). We spent one day on how to use headings to help us navigate our non-fiction text to find answers to one particular essential question. We created these file folders divided into sections, with each header being on of our essential questions.

Today we tackled the task of taking all the other WOW jots we had in our book and categorizing them into groups based on our essential questions. Students met with their partner (who is also researching the same country) and went through all their notes, talking about which essential question their notes could support.

This was a great chance for collaboration and discussion!

We have one blank box, so any "oddballs" went there. We will use those oddball notes to see if we can create another essential question (as we have yet to have a question on history or religion).

 Some groups realized they didn't have many notes...

 Others realized they might have gone a bit overboard...

Lastly, some had a good balance.

We'll spend a few more lessons on preparing our notes, determining importance, consolidating, and then preparing a persuasive speech! Thanks for stopping by-

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  1. This is such a great idea for notetaking! Thanks for linking up this idea! :)

  2. I love how you used the file folders and divided them into sections for the essential questions. This is great!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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