Five for Friday- once again on a Saturday

I don't know how you all do it... Friday nights- I'm usually dead! So I'm always late to the party. Here is a peek at my past week thanks to Doodle Bug's linky! I love seeing what everyone else is up to!

I'm about to do a photo dump of our week, so prepare :)

We began our "worldly travels" this week for our country research unit. We began a new read aloud book (narrative non-fiction). I launched it with this suitcase. They were all so curious as to what was in it- but they had to wait until reading to find out!

I then opened it and they discovered all these different country books! Many of them asked, "Are we traveling like Amber Brown?!?" I completely forgot that in our Amber Brown books, her classroom did something similar. They were so excited they would get to do something similar.

We also began to explore the countries we wanted to research. They moved around the room, browsing books and jotting down reasons why they may want to research that particular country. They were so engaged and into it!

 I made these "boarding passes" they logged the country they wanted to research and then the reason why. They were going so fast trying to see all the books they wanted, spelling wasn't a top concern- oh well. :)

I forgot to take a photo of them filling out the front, but the following day, I arranged them into partnerships so that they could collaborate through this researching process. Almost everyone got their first or second choice. I then announced over our classroom microphone where each student was traveling. They were so excited to see which country they got! They got their first book and filled out the other side of their "boarding pass" below.

The last day of the week, we plotted where each student was traveling on our bulletin board for the unit.

Unfortunately, Social Studies does not get the full attention it deserves in our school schedule (which really bums me out- I love social studies and think it is SO important). However, they do get some and I tried to integrate a little map skills in this unit. 

They created their own little flags and put their pin where their country is. Many were amazed to find out exactly where their country was in relation to the US. Plus, they found it interesting how many of the countries they picked were clustered together in groups. 

We also finished our multiplication book. Students created these pages to demonstrate how multiplication is really, repeated addition. They had to draw a picture, add an addition sentence, a multiplication sentence, and a word problem. It was a great formative assessment for their writing as well. I could easily see who could organize a word problem correctly, who was mixing ideas up, who wasn't using correct punctuation, etc. It's a hard skill for my group this year- especially my EL cluster, but many got parts of their word problem correct!

We wrapped up our hopes and dreams from last week. We took our planning sheets below...

 and used them to draft our measurable hope and dream with these sentence stems...

We finally published them! I laminated them and we will attach them to their desk for daily reminders. Here are a few of them. I LOVE how each student really thought about their areas of growth! Many picked goals that truly are places they can improve and they were able to identify them, make a plan, and know when they will reach it. 
Some writing goals!

Some students chose to do social goals. These two students picked great goals that fit their current needs. Loved it!

Lots of math goals- we just started multiplication so many friends are dedicated to learn their facts fast!

These two friends really picked awesome goals for themselves! So proud of them being able to identify these and find ways to help themselves get better at these skills!

Friday was rough due to our fun little CO2 scare we had Thursday night. We had some friends come over and help us out. I was already in bed when we began to have issues with our alarm, and our friends (aka the police and fire department) didn't leave until 11 pm. I didn't fall back asleep until 1:30ish. Boo. But so thankful that nothing major was wrong and we had our peace of mind.

That was the tallest police officer I've ever seen. He changed out our alarm with the new just standing flat footed!

Last, but certainly not least, I was a winner! I never win ANYTHING! And this was a DOOZY to win. I got Erin's amazing writing interactive notebook, Stacia and Amanda's Winter interactive notebook templates, and Matt's area and perimeter zoo project. I love that I will use ALL of them in my room! So stoked! Thanks so much to Joanne and Holly for the amazing giveaway!

Not sure how many of you made it through all that, but I couldn't help myself! It was an eventful week! Now I'm off to check out what everyone else was up to while I watch my Gophers beat Michigan State!!  (hopefully- but not likely).



  1. Hi kelli!
    Looks like you're doing some really great things with your grade 3's. I love your around the world bulletin board :) Following you on bloglovin'
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

    1. Thanks Elyse for your kind comment!! I'm trying to... it's been so choppy so far this month and it's only going to continue with MAP testing, professional development days off, assemblies... But we will keep on, keeping on! Thanks for following :) Excited to follow you as well!


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