Snow Day 2013!!

In honor of the announcement that we do NOT have school on Monday (thanks Gov. Dayton- he cancelled school for the whole state due to widespread dangerously cold temps... we're talking -50 to -60 degrees with windchills), I thought I would share our "In-School Snow Day" we had the day before break!

I got the idea from the amazing Tara at 4th Grade Frolics. We really do have Snow Days in Minnesota, but being in the metro area, we don't have them very often. We thought our last day before winter break should be spent pretending we had a snow day, but in school! They wore their PJs and slippers (some even brought robes) and Bob welcomed them to our snow day!

We kicked off morning meeting with our "Snowball Greeting." They love this one!

We also incorporated some things we have been learning about in art, the elements of line, shapes, and value, in a directed draw of our Moose on the Loose- Bob! They turned out so cute. Some even made their moose in Bob's likeness- complete with a green and white striped hat and scarf. I modified this idea from a great blog called ARTventurous.

 It was great to use water colors to practice value and making parts of our moose darker or lighter values based on the amount of water we used. 

 Some friends got pretty creative with the eyes they gave their moose :)

It was nice to still incorporate academics into the day and it was a great refreshers of these elements that we learned about through my Art Basics product on TpT!

I added just a tinch of Christmas themed activities in the form of a Just Dance Video. I figured if our choir could sing some Christmas songs at their school concert (which they did a fabulous job of), we could listen and dance to this one and to be honest, it is a great work out since we had indoor recess due to the cold. It's so funny how it starts and ends and really got the kids moving!

We also made our own Snowman Soup, complete with a poem I wrote. As we watched Happy Feet, I called kiddos back to assemble their lil' snack.

It was nice to have a lil' fun before our winter break, not to mention, I love any day that I can come to school in my PJs. I'm also a little excited that we get to have a real SNOW DAY Monday (or should I say TOO COLD DAY Monday). Did you do anything fun before winter break with your class? Feel free to comment and share your ideas!



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    1. It really was! It was just enough "fun" stuff without them getting out of control :) Thanks for stopping by, Marcy!

  2. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting about my projects! I love how your reindeer turned out too! Thanks for finding my blog, I love connecting with other MN teachers! I'm following your blog and heading over to Insta to find you now..... :)
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers

  3. Sooo cute! What kind of paper/ paint did you use for the moose?! I love them!

    1. I used normal watercolors (not sure the brand... nothing special). As for the paper, I honestly can't remember. I would always recommend watercolor paper if possible to prevent curling, but I have done it with card stock or construction paper


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