Five for Friday: Ruler Breaker Edition

Here I was...

Thinking I'd finally get at least 4 consecutive days with my students.

Then the snow happened.


(side note: We had our 3rd grade choir concert last night and they DID not cancel it. I was shocked... the roads were awful. But the show went on. My team mate Kate and I went to go get some dinner at Green Mill before hand, since we both live too far away to drive home and come back to school, which is literally like 2 blocks away. We got stuck in front of something that looked similar to this... and it was a tad scary. It took us 15 minutes to get there.)

Well, I'd have to say that this picture isn't entirely true. Yes, the plows did a relatively good job, but they were no match for the blizzard conditions and layers of rutted ice buried beneath 8 + inches of snow that fell yesterday afternoon and evening.

SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED! For the 6th time this year. Last year, I don't think we had one snow day (and yes, I'm in the metro area of Minnesota). This time, it is an actual "snow day." Our other 5 have been "cold days." Looks like another day will be added to our calendar. :(

Let me put this into perspective for you... I have not had a full, 5 day week with my students since before winter break in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Between snow days, holidays, and professional development... not one full week. Yikes!

So... it was kinda hard for me to come up with 5 things since we only had 3 days together this week!

Speaking of missing so much school, it's gotten me a little terrified of testing that will be here before I know it! 

(I thought this was perfect for my teammates new linky...check it out)

Third grade is the first year that students take our "big" state test. We have to do a lot of test prep on just how to take a test- strategies, perseverance skills, stress management... not to mention the actual content. 

I'm breaking down our standards a bit more thanks to my teammate Kate who reminded me that our math curriculum does have some material that is not third grade standards. Yes, we will teach it, but it didn't make much sense to try to teach area when the kids still didn't know their facts. They could set up area problems in no time, and then spend way too much time trying to figure out 7 x 6. We need to work a bit more on our facts and using them in contexts that are third grade standards, such as function tables. Kate pulled out some resources to use and I added them to Mastery Connect to further gather some data. I've talked about Mastery Connect before here, but that was more so from a teacher's stand point. Here is what it looks like to the students in 3 steps:

(I also had some written response problems on the back... I don't want them to just do multiple choice, so I had them do 6 and then some open response type on the back. I did not put the open responses into Mastery Connect, but I can still look at them and notice inconsistencies.)

They know not to line up and wait. They work on other things at their desk if they finish and wait until the computer is open. Usually, everyone gets theirs scanned in within 15 minutes, and since students don't finish all at the same time, it works pretty well.

Their score also goes into my trackers so I can print class reports! :)

My husband also had no school today. We are about to head out to start digging our cars out... we have to be out of the lot by noon to let the plows in. We're going out to lunch while we wait. :)

My poor, little, mustard car.

I'm breaking the 5 for Friday rules and only doing 4 today.... blame it on the Snow Day :)



  1. I LOVE your test prep idea!!! What program do you use to score those sheets??

    1. It's called Mastery Connect! I've blogged about it before more in depth. There is a link in this post that will take you to my previous post to hear more about it. It is a program that my school district purchased for the whole district, so if you buy it individually, it's a little spendy. They have a free version as well, but I'm not sure what that entails. :)

  2. hopefully the weather clears up and you can begin to feel better about those upcoming tests! Such Pressure!! Good Luck! Love that program. Great use of technology!!

    News, Views & Stews

    1. Korren, I would love the weather to clear up for MANY reasons, but yes, one of the largest ones is to just get back into our full routines so we can really work on feeling good about taking this test! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Your snow plow picture is too funny. In Alabama I don't think we have that many plows for the whole state! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some advice. I do appreciate your input!


    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. You are so welcome Carol! If you could ask my teammates, I'm always going to other people and asking them advice as well as helping others think through things so I'm glad I could help. :) The plows have been so busy trying to dig us out... but the cold air and ice isn't helping :( Have a great weekend!

  4. Your standardized test card cracked me up! That is too funny! I'm teaching English in Korea this year and have a break from standardized testing.

    Love the picture of your poor car. I've never seen that much snow.

    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Wow Angela! How exciting... you're lucky for the break from testing, but I'm sure there are other obstacles you face in this new setting :) It only took us 20 minutes to clear it off and dig around the car.... but then we kept getting stuck in the lot so it took us another 20 minutes to just get out of the parking lot. Spring can't get here fast enough. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Thanks friend for joining my linky! I LOLed (I know the -ed is redundant...) at your "Let's play school!" digital post-card thingy! All I know is that when I played school as a little girl, I did not imagine it would be like it is! Still love it though!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees


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