Flash Freebie: Math Madness

I love basketball. It is by far my fav sport. Especially college hoops. So what does basketball have to do with this quick post?

I've graded my students Unit 7 test (which was their first exposure to multiplication and division)... and we took our first timed math facts test (we use Nancy Nuttings layout, which gives you a clear glance as to which types of facts your students are strongest at)... and let's just say- it wasn't too pretty.

I've been preaching every night, "Practice your facts for 5 minutes every night," and preaching every morning, "Practice your facts for morning work today."

It ain't working. I do think taking our first time test was a wake up call for many of them that, man, these multiplication facts are not going away. Especially with the fact that our next unit is more multiplication and division. Mainly with larger numbers. So I had to create some fun games for them to work on these.

Here is where my basketball love comes into play. I wanted a game to focus on the type of facts I saw the least automaticity with: 6, 7, 8s. So I created:

I also wanted them to practice their division facts more, so I created:

Lastly, fractions is coming up fast. I wanted to get my independent workers a head start to see what they know (so I can differentiate later when we get to the unit) so I created this:

You can get them separately or in the bundle for FREE! But only until we get our grub on (aka- have dinner). You've got about an hour or so. Enjoy!


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