Have you heard?!?

I'm sure you have heard, unless you live under a rock.... or in my case, under a snow pile that is higher than a 10 story building.

(For realz... I saw this on my drive home. It is probably even higher than that... I'm really bad at estimating.)

TpT hit a major milestone and is throwing a site-wide sale! I'm participating, so stop on by and stock up with 28% off!! Make sure you use that promo code at check out!

Some of my favorite products in my store include:

Center Ideas

Pick 6: Multi-Skill Practice Centers

Art Basics for Non-Art Teaching Teachers :)

Goal Setting Bundle

I'm off to start moving things from my "wish list" to my cart so I'm ready to go!



  1. Howdy Kelli! I found your blog and think it is super way cute. I can't believe you're only in your 2nd year of teaching. In fact, I just nominated you for a Liebster Award! Hop on over to my blog and follow the directions to accept it. Congrats!

    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you so much for your kind words and for the nomination! It was fun to pass along! Excited to have found your blog and follow your adventures teaching abroad!!!! :)


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