5 for Friday: What a Week!

It's Five for Friday time... although, I'm back to doing it on Saturdays. Here's a peek at how my week went (let's just say- this weekend was well deserved for me).

You'll hear me say it a few times. I had subs on Monday, Wednesday, and half of Thursday. All due to professional development or PLCs. My kiddos began to loose it with our choppy, out of routine schedule. Who am I kidding. I was loosing it probably more. So I brought out some resources from Erin's Interactive Writing Notebook that I won from a giveaway! We ended our persuasive speeches last week and we'll be starting a short literary essay unit next week, so this past week, we did a few activities to help us prepare for the literary essay while also focusing on all the parts of speech work we've been doing with mentor sentences and our morning messages. It was engaging and meaningful. I loved it- the kids loved it!

My LEAP group is cruising along with all of the new centers/activities I've planned or created. A lot of the activities require multiple pieces, and some of the amazing products I've bought needed some student directions with it. So I created these little square direction cards complete with a checklist of what materials should be included. I also would include examples or models for them to use as well to try to make this as independent as possible, as I have a small LLI group to run at the same time. 

Book clubs are going GREAT! 3 groups have already finished their first mystery book and have begun a 2nd. The other two groups will finish early next week! They are loving it and so am I. They are totally engaged and they are getting through books faster (it's really holding them accountable). I'm also loving the 4 square book response work they've been doing. It's apart of their reading assignment. I described it more here. I love seeing their work and giving them feedback right away. I feel like I actually know what they are reading and am able to detect if they are doing quality thinking during it. 

I was out Monday for SIOP training (session 2 of 3 done!). On Wednesday, I was out at Olweus Site Trainer Training. Myself and one of my teammates will be the leads at our building for continuing to support staff and ensure that our Olweus anti-bullying program is being fully implemented. We had to practice doing a booster staff meeting at this past training and one group was in charge of describing the bully circle. They did a quick draw explanation and I thought it would be perfect to bring back to my classroom. We've already talked about the bully circle, but I thought this visual would be great to remind them of the different roles people play when they witness bullying happen. I had the pictures already drawn up there and they had to try to name the different roles. I then wrote them in as we discussed. We had a good discussion that if you witness someone being bullied, you fall somewhere on this bully circle and you need to use integrity to decide what to do about it. (That "I" word is one I'm really pushing with my class this year- especially with all the subs this year due to PD) It was good!

Of course- it was Valentine's Day! The kids spoiled me with more chocolate than any human should eat. I was also spoiled by my husband who not only had a beautiful lily plant greeting me in the morning at home, but also a GORGEOUS tulip arrangement delivered to school. Tulips are my absolute favorite and always puts me in a "spring" mind set (which is so needed with all this cold and snow). I returned the favor as well to him, by getting him the XBox One he's been wanting since Christmas. He deserves it for all that he has done for me. I truly am so blessed to have him! I also made these little glow-stick valentine's for my students (they got enough candy from their classmates). They were a hit!!

Thanks Doodle Bug's for hosting!!



  1. I love your post! Those interactive notebooks look fab and I can totally relate to the off routined kiddos! And I'm pretty sure all of us teacher bloggers should create an award to deliver to our husbands :) It takes a special guy to understand and put up with?! us and our stressful work loads!! :) Glad I found you on the linky this week!
    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. Thanks so much Ashley!! My husband totally understands the stress of the teaching world now that he is a teacher as well! He's had an interesting first year adjusting to the heavy out of school work load (not to mention he's taken on coaching basketball and baseball... which means I never get to see him) :) I'm off to check out your blog now! Thanks for stopping by!!


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