5. 4. Friday

I've been MIA from 5 for Friday... I just don't have energy come 5 pm on Friday. Chipotle helped me muster some as I curl up on the couch and relax after a LOOOOOOONG week. Here we go...

To help with my strategy groups, I made these close reading strategy cards. They have been SO helpful! I can instantly pull a group on any reading skill really and I've got something to support my group. I blogged about it earlier this week if you are curious. 

We've learned our strategies to tackle our state test and now we move onto preparing for different genres. Today, we focused on fiction and predictable questions we can be expected to answer about our characters. We made this chart with our read aloud this morning. It's crunch time ya'll. I can't wait for April to be done.

One of my students wrote a persuasive essay during her intervention time. Yes, she missed some punctuation and capital letters, but man, she convinced me! Little did she know that I wasn't planning on giving them math homework tonight anyway, but it made her feel extra special. 

And she's right... I do have something better to do. It's called, "lay on the couch until I fall asleep at 8 pm."

Fractions. We've arrived in 3rd grade when we begin to learn about fractions. They were excited. Well, excited was an understatement. I broke there hearts after I said we were done with fractions already. We only cover our standards... which are not the math common core... before our state test. They are pretty basic. We have to get to double digit multiplication, man! We'll revisit fractions later... I promise.

I got the word that I'll be back at my school in 3rd grade next year! Yay!! It'll be my 3rd year of teaching and they all will be in 3rd grade. I'm feeling thankful. Not to mention, my husband got word yesterday that he was asked back as well for his 2nd year! We remain a 2 teacher household for another year. It's a huge weight off our shoulders. 

I've got a sale going on! 15% off most of my products. Check it out if you've got the itch to buy things (like I have had lately... hubby is gone in Arizona for his spring break with his baseball team... I'm sure he won't mind hehe)


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