Close Reading Resource- A Giveaway for my CLOSE followers!

I've been working on a resource to go with some Close Reading passages and work pages from Teaching and Tapas.

This resource is ah-ma-zing! I would highly recommend it to any 3rd grade teacher... It is loaded with a variety of topics; my students LOVE reading them and actually beg me to give them more time in class to finish doing all of the questions. I use them as a shared reading twice a week. We read through it at least 2 times and I focus on the standard that she emphasizes for each passage. Once we practice a couple times together, I give them one to do independently. I was so impressed with how our first week went. They were marking up the text and truly were taking their time closely reading. I'll share more of how I use this product in my class in a future post...

Here's a little preview of what I use to help me with my strategy groups that I form with the use of Alyssha's resource. These cards are a great way to help me focus on particular strategies that students can use to prepare for our state test next month and it keeps on giving by allowing them to have access to what we learned together whenever they need it.

I've covered 9 non-fiction reading skills to help my students! I've included 2-3 strategies to help them grow in these skills as well as blank cards that have unlimited uses. Here are a few ways you may use the blank cards...
-add your own strategies
-add an example for students to use as a reference
-add a visual
-add a special note or assignment

Students keep them on a metal ring so that all their strategies are at their finger tips! Not to mention, I can easily see which skills I've worked on with each student because I color code the skills (not every student works on each skill... it depends on how they fare on the passages).

Again, I'll show you later this week more in-depth how I'm using close reading in my classroom to help my students prepare for the test (and let's be honest, this is just down-right good work for them to be doing all year), but I wanted to giveaway 1 of these babies for someone else to try!

Check out my Close Reading Strategy Cards at my TpT store for more details and make sure you enter the Rafflecopter below. This is only my second giveaway so your odds are pretty good. ;)

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  1. Hey Kelli, I found this through pinterest and it makes my heart so happy!!! I am so glad you like the close reading and this looks like a perfect companion product!

    1. Thank you so much Alyssha for stopping by!! Your resource truly inspired me once I started using it with my students. Each day, it made me more and more excited to see the work my students could do through the practice. It not only gives them a great opportunity to practice these skills, but it gives me so much information as a teacher to know where to take each of them next. I can't WAIT for the fiction passages! Fingers crossed it'll be done within the next 2 weeks so I can use it before our test this year. :) But truly, thanks for making such an amazing product!

  2. Fingers crossed to win this resource. (Sort of makes me wish I had an Instagram account, just to increase my odds!) I also bought the Close Rdg. pack during the last sale, but haven't really jumped in yet.

    1. My lil' blog is pretty small so you'll have a pretty good chance! Either way, I've also reduced the price for the first week too! I'm IN LOVE with Alyssha's resource and will be blogging how I use it in my room this upcoming week...I just jumped in and am SO glad I did! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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