Free Books?!? Yes Please!

Ok- confession... They weren't free. I had to spend a $0.26. Yes, you read that right- I had to pay 26 cents. Talk about busting the bank right?!

I spent 26 cents and received 50 BRAND NEW soft and hard covered children's books.

How you may ask? From this amazing, amazing blog, Disney, and a grant from the White House Initiative.  My teammate's spouse found this opportunity and shared it with us. All 3rd grade teachers in our building, plus a few other teachers took the little time needed in order to apply for the grant and WE got to pick the books we wanted for our classroom libraries!

We got to spend $200.00 on Latino Culture books for our classrooms. My total came to $200.26, so I only had to pay $.26 out of my own pocket. And in less than 2 weeks, I was greeted to all these new books! I did manage to snag a couple other Asian culture books, as I currently have an EL cluster of students who speak Hmong and Vietnamese (I have students who speak Somali and Amharic as well, but the majority speak Hmong). However, I think it is so important to have a balanced classroom library that has characters from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. It can be very hard to find quality literature on the cheap (since most of my classroom library has been purchased by yours truly) so when this opportunity came, I had to do it!

**This current grant has expired, but I have a feeling that this organization provides a lot of opportunities for educators to get books at good prices. Since doing so, I've gotten emails about other offers including only paying for the shipping and handling of books, earning a free book, etc... Something to definitely keep an eye on!

If you are looking for titles that emphasize the Latino Culture, take a look at the photos below and start your wish list now!

 These books range from 2nd to 5th grade reading levels. Most are realistic or historical fiction.

 These books are in English, but the characters and situations have a latino focus.

 I picked up some social studies books that show more of the latino culture.

 Most of these biographies have famous Latinos as their focus. One of these is not, but the book is fully in Spanish. 

A lot of my books were bilingual (Spanish & English), I took 2 more pictures up close so you could read the titles easier. 

I already had Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match, but it is one of my mentor books that I keep out of the library (so I can find it when I need it). It is a great book about individuality.  

I'm so excited to finish leveling these and get them into my library. I'll need to add another bin and shelf, as my library continues to grow!



  1. WOW! That is awesome! $200 in FREE BOOKS!!!

    1. It seemed too good to be true, but after my teammate did it, I just had to! So awesome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Amazing!!! I am sure your kids were thrilled. Congrats, Kelli! :)


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