Hallway Displays! Line Designs Complete!

I told my kiddos today at Morning Meeting that we would be very busy bees today and boy were we! Conferences are tomorrow which means I am in a frenzy trying to pull all their folders together, get report cards done, print MAP data and clean up our space/hallway. I'm here to share the two displays I've put together due to our work in class the last few weeks!

(1) Olweus Bully Prevention Display: Think before you Speak

How many of you have seen the wrinkled heart poem and activity? I'm picturing almost everyone reading this has raised their hand... Why... because it is a good lesson! I've talked a bit more about the lesson here, but I wanted to share just a couple more clearer pictures of the display I used with the hearts and quotes we used in our lesson.

The whole display just outside our door.

We studied most of these quotes on what they truly meant in "kid talk."


Also, it was time to take down the Moose on the Loose Directed Drawings and put up something fresh. We had been working on our line designs for much of this trimester. Take a peek at how our process began here . Well, here's their final projects. I am so elated with how they turned out, especially the writing they did with it. Be ready for example overload.

I put up some colorful paper behind the designs to make them 'pop' even more!
Here are a few of their designs up close. I'll also feature some of their writing as well.

Feel free to read all their writing... I know as a proud teacher I did (a few times) but if you are crunched on time, I've highlighted some of my favorite lines from their writing. I did give them 5 prompts/sentence frames but I was very impressed with the detail and thoughtfulness in their writing. Many studied their line designs too before writing.

Here are a few more of their writing samples!

I love how this student named one of her textures and described it! :)

This friend got creative with how he wrote "texture."

This friend was so into the idea that he actually created art. He also shares in here that it was fun to create because they could show their art to others. They got to do this in class by giving each other feedback and now it's displayed in the hallway.

This friend was very reflective and gave a great tip for next year's third graders!

Well, sorry for the overload. I'm just so proud of their hard work and impressed my first unit in teaching art was successful. Students learned art vocabulary and concepts, applied them, and got to be creative and expressive (which I don't think with the heavy pressure in the testing grades is easy to do). What I loved most about it was how everyone was proud of their work- it wasn't overly complicated and they all felt successful with their end product. The fact that they all created art and see it that way, was very rewarding and a welcome break from the other subject areas that are very intense this time of year in 3rd grade.

Thanks for stopping by! If you need to teach art, this is a great project to get started with. Teach your students some basics before like I did with this pack from my store!



  1. I love love LOVE your line designs project! I can tell the kiddos really put a lot of hard work into creating their masterpieces. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment!! Parents were so impressed tonight at conferences with not only their designs, but their artist statements. The kids were beaming when they brought their families to show them their work. Melted my lil' teacher heart. :)


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