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I was in a slump for a while. A slump I like to call... "too busy with school to do anything else with my life." Now that testing week is upon us, I am starting to have more time to create things for my classroom (I'm especially excited about things I'm creating for next year!). I'm excited to share later this week how I'm revamping the Scoot Games I've already created and my plan to add one for each of the mini-units that Math Expressions has in their curriculum. I love using them for subs and for independent work and I think this new layout is going to better suit both of those needs! Check back later this week on a possible freebie/giveaway!

Anywho. Another reason for getting out of this slump is the amazing artist Krista over at the Creative Chalkboard! She is ah-mazing!! Not only is her clip art amazing, she truly is an amazing person! She is so generous and her work inspires me to get creative. She's honoring all of her followers with an amazing 10 days of amazingness (are you sensing a pattern with my adjective there?) and in turn, many are honoring her by sharing freebies they've created with her amazing clips.

The gals over at A Tale of 2 First Grades are hosting this linky:

I've added my newest freebie inspired by the "bugginess" Krista created. 

It's all about how parts of speech can help students in narrowing down possible synonyms for words. By identifying the part of speech, students can determine the type of word they are needing to figure out.

There's 12 cards in this set, a recording page, a direction page, and an answer key! 

Feedback is always appreciated. Just like Krista, it motivates me to keep on, keeping on!

Hop on over to the link up to score many other freebies as well!!



  1. I love this set!!! THANK YOU!!! It's so colorful, and the words are perfect for third grade! Also, I know that slump you were in ALL TOO WELL! :)

  2. Thanks Deb! I wanted to make something with the colorful clip art Krista just made and I was also thinking of some skills we need to work on in the classroom. I noticed some kids were using this strategy to help them narrow down choices on our multiple choice practice passages and wanted to have more practice for those who aren't yet believers on how helpful this can be! I hope you are coming out of your slump as well! The end is near!! :)


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