You gotta SCOOT fast! Flash Freebie!

Earlier in the week, I said that I might do a giveaway/freebie. Let's just say, this week was tough. We had our Reading MCA state test that just drained my kiddos (not to mention myself), my husband's grandmother passed away and we now are traveling to South Dakota early tomorrow for the wake and funeral on Friday and Saturday, and I just turned into a crab with all the stress of the week.

I need something to pep me up and try to once and for all get me out of this funk.

For that, I offer you a flash freebie. Not just one, not just two, but three!

That's right. I'm putting all my new/revised Scoot games as freebies for a lil' while tonight only!

Each Scoot game comes with 30 cards of mixed skill difficulty for a particular learning focus. I've also included the same problems, but numbered them differently so that you can use them as differentiated task cards. They are color coded so that you can have students work on skills in the same learning focus at their level. 

What's included exactly?

  • 30 Scoot Cards: problems ranging in difficulty and mixed up for constant variety during the game
  • Same 30 cards: problems grouped by difficulty to allow for easy differentiation
  • Task Card Recording sheet for all levels, plus a mixed version sheet
  • Scoot Game Recording Page
  • Scoot Game Answer Key

The learning focuses I have so far are: 

Telling Time



Click on the pack you want to snag (or do all 3) to be taken to my TpT store.

I hope sharing a lil' something, something, will help bring some smiles across my grumpy face. Enjoy! Snag them and spread the word quickly... these won't be free for long (really until dinner and dishes are done)! I appreciate any feedback love!



  1. Sorry you had such a rough week...hang in there!

    I felt so lucky to have found these in time to scoop them up and leave feedback...they will be great for my students. Let's face it, anything is more fun when it involves moving around the room with a clipboard.

    Thank you for your generosity!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! It brought a smile to this face... which was much needed. :) I hope you and your students enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ah man! Wish I had checked my blog feed earlier! These look like great scoot games and task cards! On my wish list they go!

  4. I'm with 3rdGradeLove - I wish I'd checked my feed earlier, too! (I guess I'd have to have more time in the afternoon, evening though...)

    I'm so sorry your week was so tough! Your poor family having to deal with the passing of a relative, too. Drive safe this weekend. I hope at some point you get to rest and recharge.

  5. I wish I had checked my feed earlier as well.
    They will all be placed on my wish list as well!
    Take a minute to rest, relax and recharge.

  6. I love the colors! I'm sorry to hear about your husband 's grandmother. Have a safe trip!


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