10 Things- 1 Summer

Ok, you twisted my arm... I'm jumping on the 10 things bandwagon hosted by Mrs. Jump's Class
In no certain order...

1) Bike & Swim at least 4 days a week...

I've got a bike- we've got a pool (at our apartment, shared by others)- I've got summer vacation... no excuses, play like a champion! (anyone know what movie that last line was from? anyone?) I hope to loose a couple lbs with this exercising plan (plus with the help of #2 below... and not that kind of #2 you were thinking about)

I'm so happy my husband is also a teacher so we have the summers together. He's my biking buddy and 'swim coach.'

2) Eat better

This past year was tricky... both the hubby and I had teaching jobs for the first full year and man, it's hard to come home and cook a nice meal in the world's smallest kitchen (don't believe me- look at #3) without a dishwasher after you both are exhausted. Our goal is to eat out less during this summer and eat better.

3) Move!!

#2 above is really a big motivator for wanting to move. We have the tiniest kitchen with no dishwasher in this lil' apartment. Now, the price is right! We've saved so much this first year as hubby and wife and a lot of this is due to this lil' crackerjack box-of-an-apartment. We are hoping to look to buy our FIRST house next summer (see below why we are waiting) so we've tried to sacrifice a bit to save more.

This... is all the counter space we have. And we constantly have dishes to wash. And I'd love to have an extra bedroom for a lil' office/dumping grounds space. And a dishwasher. And a space that wasn't decorated in the 70s. If I can get at least one of those things in our next apartment, I'd be happy. Baby steps, Kelli... you've got time.

4) Enjoy Italy!!

We would have enough money to put a down payment on a house if we wanted to right now, but we've made other plans. For our "late" honeymoon, we are taking a trip to Italy! I'm trying to be really excited, but I have to be honest... I'm also a little terrified. I've never been abroad. I've never been on a plane for more than 4 hours. I've never traveled with my husband besides going up north. To help with all of these "firsts" we've decided to go on a tour through a company to help ease some of these things. I know once we get there, it'll be amazing... but the planner in me is having a mild freak attack; not to mention, I really want a house. But we'll get in one sooner than later... we may not always have this opportunity to travel together so Carpe Diem, right?

5) Redo my Classroom

I'm looking to spice it up a bit and do some changes. We'll see if this get's accomplished though- our building isn't air conditioned and it gets sweltering hot (I'm talking 100+ degrees inside... no joke... ok maybe a little... but it feels like that, no joke!)

I've bought these to help... stay tuned!
6) Create!

I'm relatively new to TpT and I have to say, it's really helped me in more ways than one. Yes, it's nice to make a little extra cha-ching each month (and actually, enough to help me decide not to get a summer job this summer- woot woot!) but it's also helped me to create things for my own classroom that are very thorough and appealing. It's a win- win! I have a lot that I want to create for my room next year, in which then, I'll share with you all! Here's my latest resource and it is a flash freebie until 8pm tonight (5/26)

 7) Facebook for this lil' blog?!

I'm scared to try this... I don't have a whole lot of followers on my blog, Instagram & TpT is slowly growing, Pinterest is booming, do I try a Facebook page?! I follow so many blogs and in turn, their Facebook pages. I love how they are more instant than a blog, but more detailed than Instragram. To be honest, I'm just scared people won't follow/like and I feel Facebook to be more 'public' than the blog. So this is a maybe... we'll see if I get brave!

8) Read!

I'm going to get real. Please don't throw things at me. I'm not an avid reader. There. I said it. Let me explain. I like to read if I've found "the right book... then I can't put it down. But for every bad book I start, it takes me a good while to give another book a go. I also like to read professional books that give me more insight so my plan is balance it out and do a little 'fun reading' and 'professional reading' this summer. I've read the first two books in the Divergent trilogy and loved them... I started the 3rd and am hating it. Any suggestions are welcomed!!

9) Friends and Family Time

During the school year, I become a crazy hermit. I just get so tired after work and have so many things I want to prepare for the next day, or the next unit that I turn into a home body. Not to mention, none of our close family and friends live super close to us... everyone is at least a 20 minute drive (which doesn't sound awful) which then require planning. One of my best friends is getting married in August, and I'm going to the Backstreet Boys concert with another dear friend in June so I'm hoping we'll have many opportunities for hanging out. Plus, we've still got 6 weddings this year, so I know some fun will be had there. Not to mention, I want to get to home to Red Wing to spend time with my parents and find some chances to meet up with my sister (but she'll be crazy busy with work- she's a teacher also but has booked her summer up with work as they are hoping to buy their first house later in the year!!)

Backstreet's Back... ALRIGHT!!!!!
10) Spend some quality time with my husband.

Our 1st wedding anniversary is July 20th. We'll be just getting back from Italy. I hope to find some new, fun things that we can do this summer as we both are teachers and are taking the summer off. We've got camping gear from our wedding and lots of lakes here in Minnesota... maybe a little camping trip? Plus, go to the movies (we don't do that a whole lot, but I hate the heat so the cool theater is a great summer place) What do you enjoy doing with your significant other? I'm always looking for new ideas!

Well, there ya have it. Pretty similar to a lot of other teachers out there. We are so blessed to have this time off to recharge (although I know it is not all play... lots of hard work is accomplished during these summer months also). I hope you all enjoy it!



  1. Your summer plans look so exciting!! You will never regret your trip to Italy! That will be one of those life experiences that you will remember forever! Have fun!!

    1. Thanks Deb! I know I'm going to be so glad that we planned it this way, maybe it just doesn't seem real yet. Our final payment for our trip is early June... I'm sure it'll seem real then lol!

  2. WOW...your summer looks fun-filled. I'm so jealous of your trip to Italy. I would love to travel there one day! I can't wait to see all of your pictures. Advice on FB. I have about 280 followers, but very rarely does anyone comment or like anything. Basically it's me just putting up my blog posts, but I don't have a lot of interaction. FB has changed a lot of things lately and one of the things I have noticed is if you don't have "notifications" set to pop up for pages, you don't see what is being posted. I am finding more people interact on Instagram right now. Others may have different views than me though! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thank you SO much Alison for your insight into the Facebook question. Thank you for taking the time to give me your ideas, I'm glad you did!

      You know that I'm going to probably do an overload of pictures on both here and Instragram of our trip... the closer it gets and the more my hubby and I talk about it, the more excited I get!

      Thanks again for your advice! :)

      P.s. I laughed out loud at the 23 People You Know Are Dead from Buzzfeed also! I'm a Buzzfeed Junkie! Glad I'm not alone...

  3. I went to a BSB concert last summer and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Have fun! =)

    Ms. Smith

  4. Wow, your plans sounds like so much fun!! Have fun in Italy.


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